Report: Dean Ambrose went off script during his WWE Raw promo with Seth Rollins


Dean Ambrose surprised many WWE fans with his interaction with Seth Rollins in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw this week.

Despite the two being adversaries for the past couple of months, Ambrose appeared to make amends with Rollins on Monday, putting their feud officially behind them.

The Lunatic Fringe came into the ring and face to face with The Architect and gave a very simple promo.

Ambrose said to Rollins: 'Slay the Beast.'

At this moment, Ambrose turned face and he will likely stay this way until he leaves the WWE after WrestleMania 35. However, this wasn't how the segment was originally planned.

Off script

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, via Cageside Seats, The Lunatic Fringe was supposed to confront Rollins and say 'Slay the Beast,' but he was also supposed to mention a couple of other topics, including why he turned.

Meltzer said: “They had something scripted and Dean wasn’t feeling it and Dean did what he did and my god was it bad.

"So Dean turned babyface by essentially wishing Seth Rollins luck in his match with Brock Lesnar, and then he was a babyface in a match with EC3...

"So originally, he was actually supposed to explain why he would say ‘Slay the Beast’. But - he didn’t, so he just said ‘Slay the Beast’...

"It [the promo scripted for Ambrose] was one of those about, it was the deal of whatever - we started together, blahblah, the whole Shield thing and Roman Reigns and all that...”

Possible reason

It has been widely reported that one of the reasons why Ambrose rejected a new deal by the WWE and is leaving the company is that he's been unhappy with the creative direction of his character over the past few years.


With this in mind, this could be the reason why he went off the script at this moment and said fewer words than what he was supposed to. Either that or WWE had a last minute change and needed the segment to be shorter, leading to Ambrose's improvisation.

Between now and WrestleMania, it will be interesting to see exactly how WWE books Ambrose and how much TV time they give him, especially now since we've seen he's more than willing to do what he wants and go off script.

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