Lana seemingly throws shade at Ronda Rousey; says she 'doesn't bring ratings' to WWE


Many WWE fans were looking forward to seeing Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch go one-on-one at WrestleMania 35 after the Lasskicker's win in the Royal Rumble match.

But in the weeks that have followed, it's become increasingly clear that it's not going to happen, and true to form Charlotte Flair was not only added to the match this week on Raw, but she has replaced Lynch in the 'main event'.

It isn't expected to stay like this though, as several sources have reported a Triple Threat match including Lynch is the plan to potentially close out Mania in New Jersey.

Rousey is arguably the biggest name in the company right now, eclipsing that of Brock Lesnar and therefore there's been much expectation that her match will get the final billing at the Metlife Stadium.

Not everyone is seemingly a fan of Rousey in WWE though, whether it's for a storyline or it is straight-up shooting on social media or in interviews.

This past week she had a bit of an issue with Sonya Deville over her perceived MMA background, to which the SmackDown star responded with a cold jab over Rousey's UFC defeats.

And Rousey has been caught in the crosshairs of another blue brand wrestler - Lana.

Lana has become the latest female WWE superstar to criticise Ronda Rousey

After Ruby Riott responded to a Rousey tweet calling her out for focusing on WrestleMania when she has to face the Riott Squad leader at Elimination Chamber this Sunday, the wife of Rusev decided to go in hard on the 'Baddest Woman on the Planet'.

In response to Riott, Lana stated: "I would be thrilled if you took her place ! So overrated she is ! 🙄 I mean she claims to change the game yet she can’t bring ratings .... soooo ummm 🤔"

Then when a fan decided to respond to Lana with her UFC accolades and box office success, the 'Ravishing Russian' retorted: "She 💯 percent change the game in UFC but this is WWE and she hasn’t changed the game here."

Ronda Rousey has had to face yet another bout of criticism from a WWE superstar - this time Lana

It's hard to tell whether or not these are in-character tweets or if Lana has a real issue with Ronda, but considering her husband's recent comments over his frustrations within the company, she may be following suit with her displeasure.

Technically though she has a point as ratings have further decreased since Rousey joined the company, although it's not solely down to her.

No doubt we will see a response from the Raw Women's champion in the near future, and at this point Ronda is seemingly going to take on the whole of the female WWE roster via Twitter and Insatgram!

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