Stone Cold Steve Austin praises Becky Lynch; thinks 'The Man' gimmick is money

Becky Lynch

This time last year if you were to predict that Becky Lynch would be on the cusp of main eventing WrestleMania in 2019, you probably would've been laughed at repeatedly for hours on end.

But the Lasskicker is just weeks away from making it happen if the likes of Dave Meltzer are to be believed - in storyline she has been replaced by Charlotte Flair but it's more-than-likely going to be a Triple Threat match in New Jersey for Ronda Rousey's Raw Women's title.

Lynch has been gaining global recognition for her recent work and her constant social media putdowns of Rousey always go viral, with publications like Sports Illustrated stating she is the hottest commodity the WWE currently have.

UFC icon Conor McGregor even suggested a WrestleMania tag team match where the Irish duo would team up against The Rock and Rousey, which would surely break all kinds of records.

Many critics and fans have stated that her current character is slightly mimicking that of Stone Cold Steve Austin when he feuded with the McMahons in the late 1990s, and Austin has had his own say on the matter.

Austin made an appearance on the MMA Tonight show and has nothing but praise for Lynch, and he agrees that there's a lot of resemblance to her new character and Austin's anti-authority gimmick.

"She does remind me a lot of myself," said Austin, per WrestlingInc.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a big believer in Becky Lynch and thinks her new character is 'money'

"She's got a little bit of attitude behind her, got a little ticked off and said, 'Hey man, I'm gonna be a star.'

"Vince McMahon wants everybody there to be a star, he's going to set you up and he's going to give you opportunities.

"She's made the most of the opportunities and when they tried to slam the door she just kicked the door down and burst right through it.

"I've loved what she's done, I love what she's doing," the Texas Rattlesnake continued. "I like her swagger. And she's the hottest thing going right now.

Austin has also stated that he sees much of himself in Lynch's new persona

"'The Man', I love this gimmick, if you're a young lady, calling yourself 'The Man' just like Ric Flair used to be - 'To be the man, you gotta beat the man' - but, this is a whole different entity with the way Becky presents it, and obviously, she's a female, it's an awesome gimmick and it's money."

When you have Austin's endorsement, you know you're doing the right things on a weekly basis.

Becky's story still has a long way to go before being completed, but being added back into her rightful title match at WrestleMania is the first step to her becoming the top superstar in WWE in 2019 and beyond.

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