Pete Dunne: I am in no rush to join the WWE main roster

Pete Dunne

Last month WWE opened their first international Performance Center after the success of the inaugural Orlando development, and it was to be based in the United Kingdom.

It will house up-and-coming signed WWE talent from the British Isles and NXT UK superstars, who have already hosted their first TakeOver show just a few months after its launch.

And perhaps no-one has more of an ability to shine on the big stage in that group than Pete Dunne.

Defeating Tyler Bate for the United Kingdom Championship in May 2017, the 'Bruiserweight' has now held the belt for over 600 days.

Dunne made a surprise appearance in the Men's Royal Rumble match a few weeks ago, impressing the fans who didn't know much about him with his unique joint manipulation techniques and attacks.

With a Rumble match and a Raw appearance under his belt within the last 15 months, surely that goes a long way towards being called-up to the main roster.

Well judging by Dunne's latest words, it could be a while before we see him on Raw or SmackDown.

Speaking to The National, Dunne said, per Fightful: "Personally for my career this isn't a race. I'm 25 years old so if I can build this [NXT UK] and spend a few years doing this and then maybe go to NXT in the US and have more of a full time schedule there and then eventually work my way to main roster, it's definitely a slow burner, I think that's a good thing.

Pete Dunne has admitted his immediate future lies in NXT UK and not the main roster

"But then the other side of it is sort of what I want to do and if I had my choice right now I'd still be here.

"If I had the option to go to main roster, if I had the option to go more full time in Orlando I'd still be here because I've been passionate about British wrestling because I've been a part of this when it was literally non-existent.

"So to bring it to this point is just exciting to see how far we can keep pushing it."

Dunne's had a period of time working on the NXT brand in the States, even main eventing TakeOver: War Games 2 back in November, but with a newly-born child in his life now the thought of moving across the pond probably doesn't appeal to him.

Plus he can become a focal point of the NXT UK brand for the time being and help that grow before inevitably Vince McMahon tells him when the right time is for his 'promotion'.

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