Arjen Robben reveals the threat Liverpool possess ahead of their UCL clash with Bayern Munich


One of the greatest wingers to ever grace the game, Arjen Robben, will be leaving Bayern Munich at the end of the season after a decade at the German giants.

The 35-year-old - known for his famous 'cut inside' from the right flank - has played with the very best from the English, Spanish and German top flights and has a rather handsome trophy return to go along with his impressive club resume. 

Robben has managed to pick up one La Liga with Real Madrid, two Premier League titles with Chelsea and an astonishing seven Bundesliga's as well as a Champions League with Bayern.

The former Dutch-international will not feature for the Bavarians in their up and coming Champions League game against Liverpool due to injury.

It's the first time in recent memory that Liverpool have had a better domestic campaign than their German opponents, yet Robben believes Liverpool have always posed a huge threat - predominantly in European competition - especially when looking back at his time with Chelsea.

“At that time [Liverpool] were really capable of being this cup fighter team, also in the FA Cup or [League] Cup,” the Bayern winger told the Guardian.

“In one or two games they could really live up to it and perform; just not the whole season, which was maybe too much.

"That was their biggest quality: they were there at the moment they needed to be there," he added.

Chelsea v Liverpool

Robben went on to admit something that will fill Liverpool fans with hope ahead of their European clash, with the Dutchman having played at grounds such as the Nou Camp and Old Trafford, his views on Anfield may surprise a few.

“I think, if you ask [about] the worst stadium for me, it’s probably Liverpool,

“You always have your favourite opponent and there always has to be a negative one.”

Liverpool FC v Leicester City - Premier League

Robben has even called it “the worst possible draw” for Bayern, despite the likes of Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Manchester City still being in the competition.

If you delve deeper into Robben's history with Liverpool then it does become a lot clearer.

He was at Anfield for Champions League semi-final defeats in both the 2004/05 and 2006/07 season.

UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Liverpool v Chelsea

The first being that infamous Luis Garcia 'ghost' goal, with the latter being a painful penalty shootout defeat, in which Robben saw his spot-kick saved by Pepe Reina.

The former Madrid man not only thinks that Liverpool were a threat during his spell in the Premier League but believes that Jurgen Klopp has set them up to be even more prepared for success.

“Now I think it changed and they developed really well," Robben added.


"The manager has done a great job.

"Last year they were in the Champions League final and at the moment they are top [of the Premier League].

"It’s a long, long time ago that they won the league and that’s the one they’re dreaming of.”

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