Kurt Angle remembers time he accidentally punched Brock Lesnar in the face during a match


Although WWE is scripted and their matches are well rehearsed before events, sometimes accidents happen and fights in the ring get more real than they're supposed to.

Many superstars have either handed out or been on the receiving end of actual punches in the ring. One of the most recent notable occasions where this has happened was Nia Jax's punch on Becky Lynch before Survivor Series which caused her to bleed.

Even some of the legends of the WWE, like Kurt Angle, have accidentally punched their opponents in the middle of the ring.

During a recent Facebook Q&A with fans, Angle was asked if he had actually punched a fellow WWE superstar while having a match with them.

The Olympic Hero stated that he had punched many superstars by accident in the past, recalling a funny story of a time he accidentally punched Brock Lesnar in the face.

Accidentally punching Brock Lesnar

He said: "Yes. Let me see....Brock [Lesnar], [John] Cena, Shane [McMahon], and [Samoa] Joe. I've done it quite a bit. My punches can be a bit stiff...LOL.

"One time I hit Brock in the face, and he said to me 'Do I owe you money or something?'"

It's to see that Lesnar was able to have a sense of humour about the unfortunate situation!


Shooting star botch

Angle and Lesnar are good friends outside of the WWE ring, so they've probably laughed about this moment dozens of times together.

One moment involving The Olympic Hero and The Beast which fans do talking about a lot is their WrestleMania 19 match which saw Brock botch a shooting star press.

Angle was asked if this moment bothers him, to which he said no as it has caused more interest in the match for those that haven't seen it.

He said: "No, everyone knows how good it was. I'm happy that people talk about the shooting star press, that's what gets people that haven't seen the match interested in watching it."


As for the futures of both superstars, Angle has said he wants to have an amazing retirement match before calling it a day on his wrestling career. Fingers crossed he gets it at WrestleMania 35 or at a future WrestleMania.

As for Lesnar, he will be defending the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 35 later this year against Seth Rollins. He's expected to drop the title here so that he can move to UFC to fight Daniel Cormier.

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