Footage of Cuneo's 16th goal against eight-man Pro Piacenza during crazy Serie C game


If you thought you were having a bad weekend, spare a thought for Serie C side Pro Piacenza.

Having already been deducted eight points already this season, they sat bottom of the table ahead of their clash with mid-table Cuneo.

But the club are in serious financial trouble and have lost all of their players.

That saw them having to play a handful of youngsters against Pro Piacenza.

One Reddit user has described the terrible situation they currently find themselves in.

“I don't know if you are familiar with the situation of Pro Piacenza, they are basically broke and they haven't played their last 3 games, because the coaching staff and players did not get paid for months and they all have resigned, went back to the clubs that loaned them or obtained to be released. another no show would disqualify them from competing in Serie C and they are supposed to play against Cuneo today, so they decided to field 7 (!) youth players (to be clear, they are only fielding these players). the captain has just signed to become the new coach. this farce of a game hasn't even started yet, they delayed the kick off. The whole situation is absolutely surreal.”

All of their players were aged between 16-19 and there were only eight (the Reddit user said seven but we believe a player arrived late) of them on the pitch.

It was always going to end badly.

Cuneo found themselves 16-0 up at half-time and that scoreline was quickly going viral on social media.

And now footage has emerged of Cuneo’s 16th goal just before half-time.

The home side just causally keep the ball under no pressure from the eight youngsters before they turn the screw and score yet another.


Take a look:

You’ve really got to feel sorry for Pro Piacenza.

You can’t exactly blame Cuneo for their role in the match, though.

Before the match, they had scored just 18 goals in 24 league matches.

They then scored 16 goals in a single half against Pro Piacenza, with Hicham Kanis bagging himself a double hat-trick.

Cuneo took it rather easy in the second-half and only scored four further goals to make it 20-0 at full-time.

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