Sheamus and Tommaso Ciampa both fine after scary spot on WWE SmackDown


Accidents happen in the WWE, but none might have been more squeamish than what happened between Sheamus and Tommaso Ciampa on SmackDown Live last night.

Ciampa wrestled alongside Johnny Gargano once more on the main roster on SmackDown following their match against The Revival on Monday Night Raw.

Their opponents on the blue brand were Sheamus and Cesaro of The Bar in what was a very entertaining match which built up the NXT duo further.

Ciampa and Gargano now look like legitimate threats on WWE's main roster tag team divisions on both brands, as they picked up a victory over The Bar on SmackDown.

A slingshot schoolboy roll-up on Cesaro by the NXT Champion after tagging himself into the match when Gargono was in their corner earned his team the victory.

Scary spot

After the match, both Ciampa and Sheamus looked worse for wear due to a scary spot which occurred during their clash.

Ciampa tried to execute a sunset flip powerbomb on Sheamus during the match. He tried to flip over The Celtic Warrior and come down into a powerbomb from the top rope but didn't get his feet under him before Sheamus came crashing down onto his left knee.

The referee threw up the 'X' to signify an injury to the NXT Champion, who wears a knee brace on both knees, but his right knee underwent ACL surgery in 2017.

There was a concern for Sheamus too after the spot as he has admittedly battled stenosis throughout his career. A spot like this for someone suffering from stenosis could potentially be career-threatening.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp has reported that both Sheamus and Ciampa are said to be okay after a rough looking spot, which is great news.


The fact that both superstars were able to finish the match following the rough spot could indicate that the spot looked worse than what it actually was for the superstars involved.

We'll have to wait and see how much involvement both Ciampa and Sheamus have on WWE live events over the next few days to get a full evaluation on how bad their injuries are if they have any.

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