Vince McMahon is reportedly upset with The Undertaker's decision to appear at Starrcast 2

Vince McMahon

There was lots of shock in the wrestling world when the news came out that WWE legend The Undertaker was to make a special appearance at the second Starrcast fan convention in Las Vegas.

The event is closely aligned with new promotion All Elite Wrestling, and you never would have thought in your wildest dreams that The Deadman would appear at anything not affiliated with WWE.

He's even apparently charging an obscene amount, with reports stating that he will be paid $60,000 for three hours of work, plus $150 a time for photographs - which is great money if you can make it and people are willing to pay it.

No need to panic though as Taker won't be making any in-ring appearance at Double Or Nothing that weekend, in-fact he's not the only WWE icon to be meeting wrestling fans from around the world at Starrcast.

The likes of Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Sting will also appear so it's not like Taker is the only WWE legend with some form of contract with the company, whether it be a Legends deal or a wrestling deal, who will be in Vegas that week.

That's not the way Vince McMahon sees it though.

Per WrestlingInc, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, McMahon was desperately unhappy at the whole situation, and Vince himself 'thought that Starrcast and AEW were directly related to one-another', which of course isn't the case.

Vince McMahon was reportedly really unhappy at The Undertaker's decision to take a booking at Starrcast

Furthermore there seems to have been a switch in WrestleMania plans because of the Starrcast booking.

McMahon is now reportedly looking to fit Taker in on the card at the Metlife Stadium somewhere as he doesn't want to be seen as potentially losing a legend to a rivalling promotion; something which is not going to happen.

It's seemingly a desperate move by Vince should he get Taker a match at WrestleMania for this reason, but even at the age of 54, with the right opponent The Deadman can probably still go for a short period in the ring.

Undertaker's Starrcast appearance has forced McMahon to try and change WrestleMania plans; he now wants Taker on the card

Maybe John Cena - another man who McMahon wants at WrestleMania but doesn't yet have an opponent - will want revenge for the squash match last year in New Orleans.

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