Eric Cantona's funny reply when asked who he'd rather win the Premier League this season


Manchester United have the opportunity to do their city rivals a massive favour by beating Liverpool on Sunday.

City and Liverpool are currently tied at the top of the Premier League - although Liverpool do have a game in hand.

That game in hand will take place at Old Trafford as City are busy competing in the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea.

With just 11 matches remaining in the league after this weekend, it looks as though the title race will go down to the wire.

And United fans are facing a nightmare scenario.

Would they rather City or Liverpool win it?

Gary Neville previously summed up the situation perfectly by saying “it is like having a choice of two blokes you want to nick your wife!”

West Ham United v Leicester City - Premier League

And the same question was put to United legend Eric Cantona and his response was equally brilliant.

“Nobody, no answer,” he told Paddy Power.

“It’s like if you ask me if I prefer to have my teeth in wood or my legs in sponge.”


As you’d expect, United fans thoroughly enjoyed Cantona’s response.

But the truth is, the majority of United fans would probably prefer City to win the league again.

That's certainly Neville's thinking anyway.

"Liverpool could potentially win the league this season and that does not even bare thinking about for a United fan," he said.

"And in some ways the lesser of the two evils is, let's hope City win it if it is going to be one of the two."

And the Red Devils know they have the perfect opportunity to hand the initiative to Pep Guardiola’s side if they beat Liverpool this weekend.

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