WWE have released Tye Dillinger, TJP and Hideo Itami from their contracts

Tye Dillinger

WWE recently recorded record revenues in the year of 2018, which you may think is cause for celebration from the boardroom to the superstars who are getting paid.

But some of the wrestlers backstage have apparently been less-than-pleased about life on the road and want out.

A recent spate of release requests have been reported on in the last few months, and with All Elite Wrestling on the horizon now the fringe WWE superstars may feel like they can get better deals elsewhere.

Company figures such as Chris Jericho though have insisted they are only looking at a few WWE superstars that they may potentially want to bring to AEW, which may have been the reason as to why The Revival requested that they depart WWE.

They're now the Raw Tag Team champions though so their departure doesn't look likely to happen anytime soon.

But the day has finally come for three WWE superstars to be given their termination papers by Vince McMahon, but only two of those were requested.

As it was widely publicised last month, Japanese star Hideo Itami will be leaving the company and returning back to his homeland of Japan.

After asking for his release last month, Hideo Itami will leave WWE and return to Japan

The man formerly known as KENTA started out in NXT in 2014, having a few opportunities at the NXT Championship but was plagued by injuries in his time in WWE.

Having been on 205 Live for the last year, Itami felt like it was the right time to return to the Far East.

Another superstar whose departure has been talked about is SmackDown's Tye Dillinger.

The 'Perfect Ten' was sparingly used on the blue brand, and perhaps it's quite telling that his last win on WWE programming was on the Fast Lane Kick Off show in March 2018.

Tye Dillinger hasn't had a televised win since last March, and he's now been granted his release from WWE

Most recently paired-up with R-Truth before he formed a duo with Carmella, Dillinger publicly admitted that he had requested for his contract to be terminated, and he's gotten his wish.

The release that came as a surprise though was that of TJP, the 205 Live star who was the inaugural winner of the Cruiserweight Classic and the first holder of the 2016 edition of the Cruiserweight Championship.

The inaugural winner of the Cruiserweight Classic, TJP, has also been released but didn't request to be

TJP apparently did not ask for his release and hadn't won a match since September, which showed where his current standing was with WWE, and will now presumably return to the independent scene.

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