Ronda Rousey's reported goal for the women's division in WWE has been revealed

Ronda Rousey

Despite the ratings and viewership being down across the board in WWE in the last year, Ronda Rousey has still been a much-needed addition to the active roster.

Coming in on a full-time basis after leaving the sport of MMA, Rousey debuted at WrestleMania 34, before winning the Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam four months later.

Rousey has held the title ever since, brushing off the likes of Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks along the way.

She's brought more than exciting in-ring ability though, even though the ratings don't show it Rousey's brought a new set of eyes to the product and she's been able to elevate several stars to the top of the card.

Dave Meltzer stated on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week that Rousey had a vision for the women's division upon her arrival in WWE, much like she did when she was introduced to the UFC, and it seems to be working thus far.

Per Reddit, Meltzer wrote: "Rousey’s ultimate goal for pro wrestling is to accomplish what she did in UFC.

"She got women into UFC and was so successful as a draw, that women’s divisions became an entrenched part of the sport that will continue, and even headline shows, long after she’s gone

Ronda Rousey set out a goal on her arrival in WWE and it looks like it is paying off

"Obviously, in wrestling, women have been around for a century, but her being there put far more focus on them, got them longer matches, the ability to main event house shows and even WrestleMania and the goal is to establish women as big or bigger stars than the men, so that this will continue to be the case long after she’s gone."

Even though the females had main evented before Rousey's arrival - think back to Hell In A Cell in 2016 where Banks and Charlotte Flair went at it inside the structure - they've definitely been more of a focal point since she came to the WWE.

Becky Lynch for example; her popularity was huge after SummerSlam when she turned on Flair but would she have gotten mainstream attention if she had attacked someone other than Rousey on Raw back in November?

Ronda Rousey has helped elevate Becky Lynch to super-stardom within WWE

So far Rousey's doing well as far as her plan goes, and with her apparent temporary departure following WrestleMania 35 we will see if the rest of the division can capitalise on the momentum it currently has going for it.

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