Jose Mourinho says Kepa Arrizabalaga's refusal to come off v Man City makes him 'really sad'

Chelsea v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final

Kepa Arrizabalaga’s behaviour at the end of the Carabao Cup final was truly stunning.

The 24-year-old left his manager Maurizio Sarri furious by refusing to be substituted as a penalty shootout approached.

Kepa was hurt, clearly struggling with a hamstring injury that made him questionable to start the match.

And Sarri decided to bring Willy Caballero on. Caballero is a shootout specialist so the move made complete sense.

The Argentinian stripped off but there was just one problem - Kepa refused to leave the pitch.

He threw his arms towards the bench and didn’t leave the field.

Sarri was fuming and he had to be held back from having a go at Kepa when the Spaniard came towards Chelsea’s bench at the end of extra time.

Jose Mourinho: This makes me sad

It would be very interesting to see how former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho would have reacted if he was in Sarri's shoes.

Mourinho appeared as a pundit for DAZN and he gave his reaction to the incident, claiming the situation made him "really sad".

“Luckily I never had to go through this,” Mourinho, recently sacked by Manchester United, said, per the Associated Press.

“The goalkeeper wants to show his personality, his confidence, wants to show that he is there and wants to be at the shootout and make saves - and I like that.”

He continued: “I don’t like that he leaves his coach and the assistant coach in a situation of great fragility.

"And his teammate, who was ready to enter the match, and who in the end saw himself in the middle of a problematic situation that had nothing to do with him.”

Chelsea v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final

The whole situation says an awful lot about Sarri’s leadership of this Chelsea side, who went on to lose 4-3 in the shootout.

There are already concerns about whether his players have really bought into his methods. Now, his No.1 goalkeeper has undermined him in a cup final.

Can you imagine that happening when Frank Lampard, John Terry and Didier Drogba were at the club?


Kepa is receiving a lot of criticism for his actions and it seems inevitable that he will be punished.

But the incident serves to highlight the problems Sarri is facing in getting his players on his side.

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