A 'huge announcement' is being teased for Roman Reigns' appearance on Good Morning America

Roman Reigns

WWE fans will be able to see former three-time world champion Roman Reigns on their screens for the first time since October.

Reigns returns to Raw tonight to update the WWE Universe on his battle with leukaemia, in which everyone around the world is hoping for positive news.

Some have speculated that Vince McMahon has gotten desperate in an attempt to claw ratings back and has turned to Reigns, but you have to assume that the 'Big Dog' is coming to Atlanta on his own accord.

It looked as though a personal trainer who worked with Reigns at the gym he was rehabilitating at in Hawaii may have spoilt what his news would be, but he insisted his comments had been taken out of context.

Dave Gonyea stated in his Instagram post that he was glad that his gym 'provided a great space to help him prepare for his in ring return', with several taking the comment as that he had been cleared to return to the ring.

Gonyea responded to fans though stating that Reigns 'won’t be in action for another few months' and that 'Monday he will let you know how close he is' to returning to the WWE.

At the same time as his Raw appearance was revealed, one of the United States' leading breakfast shows 'Good Morning America' announced that Reigns would be appearing live on their broadcast from New York City on the morning of February 26.

An Instagram posted by a personal trainer in Hawaii sent the rumour mill into overdrive regarding Roman Reigns

PW Insider has now reported that promotional footage for the appearance has stated that Reigns is going to make 'an announcement that you cannot miss'.

It's now sent the rumour mill into overdrive, with fans now thinking that he is definitely announcing a return to the squared circle in the near future.

Others have suggested that he may be the host of WrestleMania 35, similar to how The Rock was at 'Mania 27 in Atlanta.

And with the ever-reliable WrestleVotes indicating that the news on Raw will be positive, who knows what the immediate future holds for Reigns inside a WWE ring.

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