Aleister Black says goodbye to NXT at live event as fan footage captures his emotional speech


Last week's Monday Night Raw saw Triple H announce the main roster debuts of four extremely talented NXT superstars.

First up in Lafayette was Ricochet, who teamed with Finn Balor to defeat the pairing of Lio Rush of Bobby Lashley.

Next up were the former team of D.I.Y - Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano - who did infact partner up to defeat the Raw Tag Team champions The Revival, which is a good early sign for their Raw and SmackDown careers.

Finally we saw Aleister Black interrupt Elias, and then Black Mass him into oblivion for the win. 

With all four appearing on SmackDown the following night it was unclear as to whether or not this was just a showcase opportunity of if it meant something bigger.

It was revealed by several sources that the foursome are now fully-fledged members of the main roster, Vince McMahon giving them the call-ups because he reportedly finds the majority of the current roster 'stale'.

Judging from the most recent set of NXT tapings, all four will be sticking around on the show until WrestleMania-time, but because all the episodes have now been filmed until then, it's more than likely a few of them have made their last live event appearances for the brand, including Black.

Aleister Black has said an emotional goodbye to NXT fans at a recent live event

And it was made evident when he gave the fans an emotional farewell at a live event this past Saturday night.

Black told the crowd that he'd had the 'craziest week of his life' but professional wrestling and 'coming home to NXT' made him feel better.

He then gushed with praise towards the crowd, saying: "I am so, so proud I get to be a part of this family. Because this family, no matter where I go after this, will always be my home. It truly is.”

You can watch the full video below.

Black is scheduled to be on SmackDown this week yet again, but as it seems increasingly likely that he will have one more TakeOver match in NXT he may have to wait another year to get his first shot at WrestleMania.

He and the three other superstars are clearly held in high regard though to be cherry-picked by Vince when he needs them most, and the former NXT champion will have his eyes set on gold in the coming months.

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