Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller in another spat as they trade barbs on ‘The Gloves Are Off’

Jarrell Miller continued his verbal tirade against heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua during their episode of ‘The Gloves Are Off’, as a sneak peak has been released by Sky Sports.

American Miller continued where he left off after last week’s first press conference, berating Joshua about why he doesn’t lash out at him, use more colourful words and show some more passion before their June bout.

Host Johnny Nelson struggled to keep control of the situation as Miller and Joshua constantly talked over each other at volume, whilst the anchor of the programme repeated the phrase ‘when is this going to stop?’ with both fighters still bickering away at one another.

In a short clip broadcast last night, Joshua can be seen saying to Miller ‘you won’t change’ and ‘you won’t change the argy bargy.’

These comments were directly relating to Miller’s outspoken behaviour so far on the press junket.

Miller retorted that Joshua was ‘boring’ and that there was no ‘animosity’ from the Londoner in their confrontations so far.

Miller obviously wants more verbal push and shove between the two as his frustrations at Joshua’s lack of retaliation was clear.

Eventually, both fighters left in a huff after the spat and the tension was indeed palpable, as can be seen in the preview below.

If the past week is anything to go by, there will be plenty more harsh words said between the pair before their fight.

The situation between the two kicked off in a big way in their first press conference last Monday.

Joshua took offence to his opponent accusing him of being except from testosterone testing and continually got into the heavyweight champion’s face with bodily contact.

The Joshua v Miller situation will all come to a head on June 1 at Madison Square Garden when the two face off for the heavyweight championship.

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