Lennox Lewis tweets about Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury rematch being axed

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has accused some of the current heavyweights of evading the blockbuster bouts.

Lewis was impressed by Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder after their sensational draw in Los Angeles earlier this month.

But the 53-year-old claims that this exciting period of heavyweight boxing is different than the one he used to fight in.

“It’s not how I did things in my era, but this isn’t my era, it’s theirs.”

As the fight between Fury and Wilder miraculously ended in a draw, the logical conclusion would be that the two battle it out in the ring to decide who is the outright champion.

Lewis said: “I think Wilder and Fury should have a rematch, Joshua can wait.”

However, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman says plans for a rematch between Wilder and Fury have been shelved.

The WBC ordered a rematch earlier this year after a split decision draw between the fighters in December and even extended the negotiation period after requests from both management teams.

But Sulaiman said he received confirmation from Fury that the challenger would look elsewhere for his next bout.

This isn’t the only time where Lewis has accused a British heavyweight fighter from ducking a fight against a heavyweight champion.

He has said that Anthony Joshua didn’t want to fight the likes of Wilder or Fury when the fight was available.

“He doesn’t want any of those guys. When he saw that fight, he was like, ‘Wow these guys can box’.

“I don’t think he’ll come over to the United States just now, he’s too happy in England being protected, and boxing in front of the British crowd.”

“I think Wilder and Fury should have a rematch, Joshua can wait.”

Following Lewis’ comments; recently AJ has agreed to fight in America, but not described as a ‘big fight’ as he agreed to fight Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller on June 1 in Madison Square Garden.

It’s clear that the previous boxing era was completely different to this current one. Rematches would be scheduled in advance and wouldn’t fall through where the competitors look elsewhere for established fights.

“The longer you put that off, the less interesting the division becomes.

“As a fan, all I want to see is the best fights in their prime,” Lewis said.

It is still possible for the fight to reschedule for the end of the year, as the first bout between the two was a historic event.

Along with fans and Lennox Lewis, the best fights continue to improve the growth of boxing as a sport which will continue the prestigious era of this boxing division.

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