Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch's recent Twitter spat has angered WWE officials

Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch's social media feud hasn't gone down too well with everyone in WWE

The rivalry between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey has now been going on for around four months, and as we get ever closer towards WrestleMania, the dislike between the two, real or worked, seems to be getting stronger.

Lynch may currently not be in the Raw Women's title match at 'Mania, but it's expected that she will be added back in in the coming weeks to take on Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat match, in what is likely to be the first-ever female main event at WrestleMania.

Some have hailed their efforts to advance their feud via the powers of social media, after all it can reach more people than who watch WWE live on a weekly basis so it's a good idea, right?

Well after the pair's most recent spat in the last 24 hours, company officials might have to rein in some of their content.

It all started with Rousey responding to Lynch's post about being 'arrested' on Raw with the accompanying 'mugshot' photos, with the former UFC champion saying Becky was taking 'fake photos' which basically exposed the business for being scripted and shattered any sort of kayfabe there was left in the rivalry.

When Lynch's retort mocked Rousey's promo skills, Ronda fired back and ruined kayfabe once more by down-playing the Lasskicker's 'nonsensical 'armbar'' despite her seemingly screaming in agony during an episode of Raw when Lynch had it locked in on her.

Becky Lynch's Twitter trolling has gotten a rise out of Ronda Rousey who seems legitimately angry about some of the comments

But what really seemed to tip Rousey over the edge was a comment made about her husband, UFC fighter Travis Browne.

Lynch was able to Photoshop the head of Browne onto the picture of her wrenching Rousey's arm in the Disarmher, basically referring to him in an unsavoury way.

Rousey would then shatter kayfabe for a third and final time, using Lynch's real name and language that you would not hear on WWE television.

WWE fans have become increasingly angry at Ronda during the spat for not protecting the business when it comes to her comments, and it's easy to see why as they're incredibly reckless.

Even some fellow superstars waded in on the drama, with SmackDown's Lana wanting Ronda to 'go away' and her husband Rusev claiming that Rousey 'isn't a role model'.

Rousey seemingly hasn't taken too kindly to Lynch's comment about her husband Travis Browne

The reliable WrestleVotes have also claimed that company officials aren't impressed one bit at some of the language used in the tweets, which you'd assume would be towards Rousey as Lynch has not been at all explicit.

This is going to rumble on all the way until April 7 when the two finally fight in New Jersey, but Ronda will need to do a lot of work to salvage some of the comments made in the last 24 hours if she doesn't want to be booed out of the Metlife Stadium.

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