The Undertaker has hinted at returning to WWE in 2019 with a 'smarter schedule'

The Undertaker

Even though WWE arguably have stock-piled the most talented active roster they've ever had in recent times, there's still the lust from the average fan to see legends of the game return.

We've most recently seen Batista return to the company after a near-five year absence, and Shawn Michaels came out of retirement in 2018 after leaving the business in 2010.

One man we haven't seen in the ring since November last year is The Undertaker, whose last appearance was at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

The recent announcement that Taker would be appearing at the second Starrcast fan convention took fans by surprise considering how closely it works with key figures in the newly-formed promotion All Elite Wrestling.

The Deadman is reportedly not under contract anymore to the WWE, meaning he can take outside bookings for appearances, although he would seemingly not appear at another wrestling promotion simply because of the loyalty he has to Vince McMahon.

Because of his appearance at Starrcast in May, there's been talk of somehow fitting Taker into WrestleMania 35 plans, as Vince McMahon reportedly does not want to be seen as though he could lose one of his biggest long-term assets to another company.

Talking about his immediate future in WWE, Taker hinted that he will be appearing at some point in the ring during the year, but it seems like it'll be a very limited schedule should be return and it sounds like he will be sticking to the States.

The Undertaker has hinted on his involvement with WWE in 2019

"I’ve been around for a while so I’ve got a little sweat and blood equity built up so I get to pick and choose where I want to go and when I want to go,” Taker told Pastor Ed Young, per Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Speaking about one of the two Saudi Arabia shows that WWE hosted in 2018, Taker said: “It’s a crazy deal. I get there [Saudi Arabia] on Friday. I wrestle on Saturday. Went right from the stadium to the airport. Caught a charter plane to Madrid and then caught a commercial flight from Madrid back to Atlanta then Atlanta back to Austin. So again, more time in the air than I was in the country.

"That was last year, hopefully this year I’m a little smarter with what I do because those weren’t really fun.”

At the age of 54 now, it's no surprise that Taker is trying to cut back on the travelling as the many years of wear-and-tear on the body will do him no favours on long-haul flights.

There's been no real speculation as to who he may face at WrestleMania but with a month to go until the event, something needs to be sorted out fast by Vince McMahon if he is to convince the seven-time world champion that an appearance at the Metlife Stadium on April 7 is best for business.

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