Footage of Olympic skier Max Hauke being caught in the middle of doping by police


Stunning footage has emerged of the moment police walked in on Nordic skier Max Hauke undergoing a blood transfusion before taking part in a race.

Hauke, 26, was caught red-handed doping during the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld, Austria, and was among five skiers arrested during a police raid.

The raid was part of an operation targeting an alleged doping network.

Blood transfusions have been banned since 1986 because they improve performance and endurance by boosting the oxygen levels in blood.

American cyclist Lance Armstrong was infamously found guilty of blood doping and lost his seven Tour de France titles.

The video below, which was released by Austrian publication Vorarlberg Online, shows cross-country skier Hauke looking rather sheepish with a needle in his arm as police stand around him.

More to follow.

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