Jon Jones believes UFC fans want him to step up to heavyweight so he can lose

UFC 232 Jones v Gustafsson 2

Although they're always going to be an asterisk alongside Jon Jones' name, there's no denying that there's always been excitement surrounding a potential move to the heavyweight division.

Considering he can retain his light heavyweight championship against Anthony Smith on Saturday night, the challenges in the division seem to be thin with some big potential match-ups available in a division currently ruled by his arch nemesis, Daniel Cormier.


Stipe Miocic, Francis Ngannou, Cain Velasquez - the list can genuinely go on.

In the past, Bones has reiterated that he wouldn't fight DC in the heavyweight division as it gives the latter too much of an advantage. At the same time, Cormier vacating the 205lbs crown suggests he has no plans on going back down in weight in the final stretch of an incredible professional MMA career.

However, Jones has admitted that he'd move up to fight Brock Lesnar as opposed to Cormier, so his future in the light heavyweight division remains up in the air.

Since then, he's admitted that he'll move up to heavyweight on his terms and when the UFC opens up their checkbook to offer him serious money.

With the majority of fans eager to see him move up, Jones has revealed his own theory on why they're adamant he moves up. When he spoke to reporters ahead of his title encounter against Anthony Smith, Jones explained that he believes fans want to see him lose in the heavyweight division.


According to MMA Junkie, he said: "I think people want me to go to heavyweight because, quite frankly, they want to see me lose, or get close to it, or take some serious damage. 

"These guys are a lot bigger than me and they say all the time: When you get a talented little guy versus a talented big guy, the odds are in the big guy’s favour.

"I think that’s the pressure. I don’t think it’s fair, really, because I’ve always been a light heavyweight. Despite who the champion’s been, I’ve never challenged anybody at heavyweight.

“I feel like I’ll move up to heavyweight on my own terms when I feel like the UFC is playing ball with me contractually to entertain that. No one has entertained any idea of switching the contract for any super fights, so, we’re just kind of stuck at this spot here fighting at light heavyweight.”

UFC 232 Jones v Gustafsson 2

Jones' fan base does seem to have decreased over the years, but it'd be foolish to rule him out entirely for when he does move up.

What do you make of Jon Jones' theory on fans wanting him to move up to the heavyweight division? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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