Compilation surfaces of Sergio Ramos using dirty tactics to stop Lionel Messi


Sergio Ramos and controversy is a match made in heaven.

It was inevitable that the Real Madrid captain was going to hit the headlines after this weekend's El Clasico, a fixture that often brings out his most temperamental side.

Barcelona eventually won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Ivan Rakitic but an elbow from Ramos on Lionel Messi quickly became the biggest talking point of the first-half.

It's not often that fans see Messi squaring up to another player, yet that was exactly the case when Ramos decided to leave in an elbow while hurdling a tackle.

There were even claims that Clement Lenglet and Marc-Andre ter Stegen exacted revenge on Ramos during the second-half with a number of collisions.

Ramos' elbow on Messi

Either that or the Spaniard was coincidentally involved in yet more of the controversy.

However, it certainly isn't the first time that Ramos and Messi have come to blows, although it will come as no surprise that the Real Madrid man sparks it on almost every occasion.

Ramos has a reputation for using the 'dark arts' of football to gain an advantage over his opponents and that's no more the case when playing against Messi.


Video of Ramos-Messi clashes

As a result, it's inevitable that a video has emerged of the times Ramos has clashed with the Barcelona star over El Clasico fixtures in the past.

It shows him using a myriad of dirty tactics - crunching tackles above everything else - to try and rattle his opponent, often succeeding.

Although they're arguably the most recognisable player on each team, it's still remarkable to see just how many times their head-to-heads have flared up on the pitch.

And it certainly gives fuel to the fire that this weekend's elbow was deliberate, although we'll let you decide - check out the full video down below: 

Have you ever considered the UFC, Sergio?

Obviously, Ramos is a brilliant defender and this video just highlights his more controversial side, but he really has given Messi a rough ride in his career.

Even if we take away the elbows and shoulder barges, some of the slide tackles are lethal and it's no surprise he accumulates so many cards in this fixture.

Jose Mourinho certainly thinks that these kind of acts are deliberate, too, indicating that his former player might have used the latest example as a way of upping the ante. 

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona - Supercopa de Espana: 2nd Leg

He explained on beINSport: "I think Sergio Ramos' action probably is coming from a player that knows the game has to change.

"And probably he does it with the intention of creating a different temperature for the second half, because the game until then was really soft, in my opinion."

We certainly can't accuse Ramos of being 'soft'.

Do you think Ramos deliberately elbowed Messi? Have your say in the comments section below.

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