Amed SK's Mansur Calar is accused of attacking opponents with 'razor blade' during game

  • Rob Swan

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in football, something else comes along that leaves you speechless.

Footage is currently being shared on social media of Amed SK player Mansur Calar apparently attacking opponents with a sharp object – reported to be a razor blade, according to the Mirror – in a clash against rivals Sakaryaspor in Turkish football’s third tier.

Calar, 33, has been accused of deliberately setting out to hurt Sakaryaspor’s players by concealing the object in his hand.

The Turkish midfielder is accused of holding the ‘razor blade’ in his hand during the pre-game handshakes and taking a swipe at rival player Ferhat Yazgan as he walked behind him prior to kick-off.

He is then accused of targeting the same player again, only to this time target the 26-year-old’s throat in a bizarre display of on-field violence.

Watch the footage here…

Yazgan then took to Instagram to share a photo of the injuries he sustained around his neck.

These injuries were apparently sustained by the sharp object Calar had brought onto the pitch.

“These football players who put [sic] the field, TFF, I hope you’ll see them,” Yazgan wrote in the caption.

More images of injuries suffered from the alleged assault have also been posted online.

Amed SK have released a statement denying their player carried out the attack using a concealed sharp object of razor blade, according to the Mirror, but an investigation now seems likely.

The incident has become global news and many football fans on social media have called for FIFA to ban Calar for life.

“Should be banned from football for life and jailed,” Dekalbian wrote on Reddit.

While thevogonity said: “A lifetime ban would be going easy on him. He needs to forfeit as large a portion of his remaining salary as possible and face criminal charges in addition to the ban.”

On a similar note, theofficialtaha wrote: “Him being banned from football would be a light punishment. There needs to be jail time with this.”

The game itself ended in a 1-1 draw, with both goals coming from the penalty spot.

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