Ronda Rousey is expected to turn heel before her WrestleMania 35 main event match

Ronda Rousey

We are less than five weeks away from WrestleMania 35, and the supposed main event is seemingly not so clear-cut yet.

Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship was made after the Lasskicker won the Royal Rumble, but after several weeks of anti-authority acts, Vince McMahon replaced Lynch with Charlotte Flair.

The eventual bout is expected to be a Triple Threat match with all three women involved, but the weeks and days are ticking for that to be confirmed, but it's expected to be soon enough.

As is the case with her new 'The Man' gimmick, Lynch took to social media after her 'arrest' angle on Raw last week, and quickly got into a heated discussion with Rousey, one in which WWE fans weren't at all happy with Ronda for almost destroying kayfabe.

One of Rousey's tweets got fans really intrigued as to whether or not she was legitimately angry with Lynch for one of her responses, where she mocked her husband, UFC fighter Travis Browne.

It led to WWE reportedly being unhappy with some of the content that was being posted that wasn't approved of by the company, more likely to be on Rousey's end as she's been a lot more sweary.

Ronda Rousey could be making a heel turn in the weeks before WrestleMania

But there's every chance that their most recent social media beef could be building towards a much more bigger piece of the storyline.

PW Insider are reporting that, per WhatCulture Wrestling, Rousey's aggressive tweets are the start of a long-awaited heel turn for the former UFC champion.

Furthermore, WWE are trying to 'evolve her character' with just weeks until 'Mania which makes the most sense as it's expected that Lynch is going to be a massive fan-favourite at the Metlife Stadium.

With speculation rife that Rousey will be departing WWE after 'Mania for an unknown length of time, the heel turn could be really short-lived but it's bound to make for some compelling television should she get more aggressive in the final shows before the huge event.

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