WWE fans loved Becky Lynch's threat to Charlotte Flair while attacking her on SmackDown


Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair added more fuel to the hype train for their upcoming clash at Fastlane this weekend on SmackDown Live last night.

The two superstars came face to face in SmackDown's main event, with The Queen mocking The Man as she made her way to the ring since she was still hobbling due to her knee injury sustained at the Royal Rumble.

Lynch hit back to Flair's disrespectful concern for her health by reminding everyone that she took Ronda Rousey's best shot on Monday Night Raw this week and is still standing.

Becky went on to remind everyone that she has beaten Charlotte several times in recent months, which caused Charlotte to attack the knee of her Fastlane opponent.

The Man managed to stave off the attack and retaliate by applying the Disarm-Her to The Queen, but she managed to escape out of the ring shortly afterward as Lynch stood tall to end the show.

However, some fans took notice of what Lynch was saying to Flair while she had her in the Disarm-Her and they couldn't help but laugh.

'I'll rip your f*****g arm off!'

With the submission hold in place, Becky said to Charlotte: "I'll rip your f*****g arm off!"

Lynch and Flair will face each other once more in a match this Sunday at Fastlane, and there's a lot riding for both superstars in this clash.

If The Man wins at Fastlane, she will be added to the main event match at WrestleMania between Rousey and Flair for the Raw Women's Championship, making it a triple threat.

However, if The Queen wins, it will remain herself vs Rowdy at The Showcase of the Immortals.


It has been speculated for months that the main event of this year's WrestleMania will be a triple threat between Rousey, Flair, and Lynch for the Raw Women's title, but WWE is yet to book this match.

Unless WWE has suddenly decided to change their plans, fans will likely see Becky defeating Charlotte this weekend at Fastlane, therefore making the triple threat match for the title official.

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