Tyson Fury hits back at Deontay Wilder's ‘boring fighter’ comments

Tyson Fury has hit back at American Deontay Wilder after the latter openly criticised Fury’s decision to pull out of their much-anticipated rematch.

The ‘Gypsy King’ commented on Twitter after Wilder made his thoughts clear during an interview earlier in the week and boasted about his new deal with ESPN – which is reportedly worth $100 million.

Tyson tagged Wilder directly and stated: “Is that why ESPN gave me the $100mil deal and not you? What do you mean is your nothing without the GYPSYKING U BIG DOSSER.”

Fury’s comments come after Wilder vented his frustrations after missing out on the widely expected rematch, yet he was left disappointed as Fury decided to look elsewhere.

The American spoke candidly about Fury’s decision: “The thing about it is, I’m the key. I’m the puzzle piece to it all, especially when it’s dealing with America,” Wilder said.

“You know, Fury is nothing here in America if my name ain’t attached to his. He’s a boring fighter. The only thing good about him is his mouth. He just talks. That’s it.”

Fury took exception to these comments, especially as they seem to stem directly from the announcement of the Gypsy King’s new deal with the American broadcaster – dashing any hopes that Wilder could get a rematch.

You can see Fury’s tweet in reaction to Wilder calling him a boring fighter below.

After this setback, Wilder must now face fellow American Dominic Breazeale in what will be a mandatory title defence, but he is still certain his fight will be more ‘compelling’.

After Fury’s Twitter comments yesterday, the ongoing animosity between the pair looks set to continue, even though Wilder has found a bout and Fury now has his multi-million dollar broadcast deal.

So, despite the initial fight ending in a draw back in December, it’s still unknown if we will get a rematch between the two juggernauts.

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