George Groves hits out at Carl Froch for James DeGale retirement comments

George Groves has responded to remarks made by Carl Froch following his and James DeGale’s retirement.

Froch had beat Groves twice to defend his titles back in 2013, and then in a 2014 rematch, and after hearing of Groves’ recent retirement, he reminisced of the fight.

He claimed Groves was ‘ironed out at Wembley.’

Meanwhile, another one of Froch’s rivals James DeGale also hung up his gloves.

Froch never had the chance to fight him, but made it known how he thought a clash between the two would go.

“I’d have backed him up and absolutely smashed him to bits.”

Groves is less than impressed with the comments Froch has made with the animosity between the two going from what has been said.

Groves told talkSPORT earlier today: “I don’t understand Carl Froch.

“If he’s trying to now carve out a persona that’s to his advantage that he is just a super negative guy who’s gonna give you stick and get work off the back of it, then I sort of half respect that and appreciate that was his agenda all along.

“But if it’s not, it’s like, ‘Man grow up.’ Do you know what I mean?

“No one’s listening. If you’ve got to be that bullish to get people to listen to you and that’s your craving, then I pity you.

“You just do the obligatory, ‘Well done mate, away you go’.

“Sometimes it’s a little bit forced, sometimes it’s – not disingenuous – but I’m gonna say it because it’s nice to say and that’s part of life.

“Why not just be a nice person?”

Groves and DeGale have fought before, so there is a rivalry between the two. However, there has been a public showing of mutual respect between them both, as Groves took to Twitter to praise his long-term rival now that the competition between them has ended. 

On the contrary, Groves has slammed the 41-year-old Froch on his attitude to retirement. Since stepping out of the ring for the final time in 2014, it’s believed that the former WBC, WBA and IBF champion has failed to detach himself from the mind games and tension involved in the sport.

Groves explained: “If you look at David Haye now, he switched a button when he retired.

“He became the sweetest, nicest guy.

“It’s not just for the cameras, he’s literally switched off that bullish, selfish, aggressive, fighter mentality and he’s trying to integrate himself into society.

“Carl Froch can’t do that. Whatever’s going on in his brain can’t allow him to do that.

“He had no rivalry with James DeGale… One comment Froch has hung onto that, he’s waiting until he’s retired and he’s spilled his guts.

“Grow up man, grow up.”

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