Ball-tracker gets wires crossed as it judges delivery all wrong during Australia vs India

India v Australia - ODI Series: Game 3

Cricket has used its ball-tracker system for years, but during an ODI between Australia and India, the computer seems to have got itself all mixed up in hilarious fashion.

Video technology is now used in a wide range of sports, including tennis, football and many other sports.

With the help of numerous cameras around stadiums, it's now become a lot easier to make important decisions.

When something major happens like a wicket be taken, the officials can cut to the cameras to give themselves a better view of the action. 

However, during the third ODI of a five-match series between Australia and India, batter Aaron Finch was caught LBW, and when the cameras cut to the ball-tracker, fans were shocked to see the system place the ball in totally the wrong place.

Luckily for the system and its place in the sport, the video did at least prove that despite the strange placing of the bounce, the LBW decision was correct, which should at least keep the doubters quiet. 

This isn't the first time that the system has had an off day, though. 

In 2016, South Africa's star batter AB de Villiers was bowled out by Australia's Josh Hazlewood, but when the footage came in, it had incorrectly predicted that the ball would miss the stumps. 

Watch the incident with Finch from the Australia and India ODI down below.

The massive mistake was recorded by who suggested that the incident was "damning footage" for the technology.

Since the computer technically got this one right, we will have let it off this time, but the repercussions of the mistake may be bigger than cricket.

With the current debate about VAR in football, mistakes in similar systems could lead to doubt in the accuracy, which may end up delaying its place in football. 

Despite the potentially serious impact of the mistake, seeing the computers get it so hopelessly wrong doesn't get any less funny on the 10th watch. 

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