Cameras cut to empty VAR room during Real Valladolid v Real Madrid

Levante UD v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

VAR is designed to make football less controversial but, if anything, it seems to be having the opposite effect.

There were several controversial moments involving VAR in last week’s Champions League matches - UEFA clarified all of the incidents in a statement on their official website - involving some of Europe’s biggest clubs including Real Madrid and Manchester United.

And some of the decisions left many football fans wondering whether VAR really is good for the sport or not.

At the end of the day, VAR is never going to be perfect.

Why? Because humans are still involved and humans make mistakes. Referees get a replay and, in many instances, the decision comes down to how they see the incident. Another match official might have a totally different opinion and these grey areas mean VAR will never totally eradicate controversy from the sport.

Although VAR isn’t used in the Premier League yet - it will be from the start of next season - it is in operation in some of Europe’s other top leagues, including Spain’s La Liga.

It was used during the first half of the clash between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid when Sergi Guardiola tapped in for the hosts at the back post.

Real Valladolid CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

However, the goal was disallowed following a VAR review.

The Spanish TV station broadcasting the footage then cut to the VAR room - but instead of seeing match officials watching the action on monitors, we saw an empty room.

No, really.

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This adds more weight to the agreement that VAR is both a farce and, in its current format, not fit for purpose.

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Spanish football journalist Sid Lowe later tweeted that Carrusel claim the cameras had cut to the wrong VAR room - one that had been used for an earlier game and was now abandoned.

A TV error, perhaps - although if true, the fact they cut to the wrong VAR room is still evidence that the system is currently far from perfect.

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