Fastlane results: The Shield team for the 'final time' and Becky Lynch gets added to WrestleMania main event

Becky Lynch's disqualification victory means she is added to the WrestleMania 35 main event

WWE hosted their final pay-per-view on the Road to WrestleMania, as Fastlane emanated from Cleveland, Ohio.

In recent years the event has been seen as a bit of a filler stop-gap event but it was far from that this year.

Storylines were advanced, the fans were swerved numerous times and we were even given a shock altercation between a Hall of Famer and current WWE stars - let's get right into looking back at the action.


This match for the Kick Off Show was made just a few days ago on social media for no apparent reason, with The New Day announcing that they would indeed be appearing at Fastlane earlier in the week.

With Kofi Kingston taken away from proceedings as the McMahons 'wanted to talk to him', Big E and Xavier were left to fend for themselves against the newly-formed team of Nakamura and Rusev.

It was The New Day who came out victorious in a match that did not really further much at the time but it would not be the last we saw of all four men in the evening.

THE USOS defeated SHANE MCMAHON & THE MIZ [Retained SmackDown Tag Team Championships]

The Miz got an incredible ovation on his return to his Cleveland, and with his dad sitting front-row he was the hometown hero.

The Miz and Shane McMahon before their Tag Team Championship match

In what was a pretty fun match, Miz tried to fly high and it was unsuccessful, with Jimmy Uso getting the knees up and turning it into a successful small package pinfall.

With Shane and Miz defeated, they embraced Miz's father, George Mizanin, at ringside, before Shane shockingly attacked his 'partner' from behind, setting up what should be a WrestleMania match.

ASUKA defeated MANDY ROSE [Retained SmackDown Women's Championship]

The 'Empress of Tomorrow' has pretty much gone under the radar after SmackDown stars Becky Lynch and Charlotte have dominated proceedings fighting for a Raw belt.

Nevertheless she had Mandy Rose to contend with, but it would be her partner Sonya Deville who would contribute to her downfall.

With Deville grabbing a kendo stick from under the ring, she left the apron on the ring, which Rose slipped on whilst bouncing off the ropes and ran straight into an Asuka Kick for the pinfall.


As mentioned earlier, the McMahons wanted to see Kofi Kingston during the Kick Off Show, and it took 45 minutes into the main show to find out what the end result would be.

Vince McMahon told Kofi he would be making the WWE Championship a Triple Threat match, and that Kofi would be competing next with Big E and Xavier barred from ringside.

McMahon swerved everyone though as it was revealed The Bar were taking on Kingston in a handicap match, in which they destroyed a hapless Kofi.

Sheamus and Cesaro destroyed Kofi Kingston in a handicap match

Despite his partners coming to help eventually, Rusev and Nakamura intervened to dispatch of them before The Bar pinned Kofi.

THE REVIVAL defeated BOBBY ROODE & CHAD GABLE and RICOCHET & ALEISTER BLACK [Retained Raw Tag Team Championships]

The exciting NXT call-ups Aleister Black and Ricochet got their first taste of a main roster pay-per-view since being 'promoted', but they weren't successful.

In a match which saw some really exciting spots, The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Chad Gable to retain their belts.

That wouldn't be the end of proceedings though, as Roode jumped the champions post-match, before Ricochet and Black stood tall by clearing the ring.

SAMOA JOE defeated REY MYSTERIO, R-TRUTH and ANDRADE [Retained United States Championship]

Mysterio and Andrade were supposed to go one-on-one on the Kick Off Show, but they were instead placed in a Fatal Four-Way rematch of the SmackDown bout from Tuesday that saw Samoa Joe win R-Truth's US Title.

Samoa Joe after successfully defending the US Championship at Fastlane

In what was a very similar encounter, Joe retained the gold after getting out of the way of a Mysterio Frog Splash, before choking him out in the Coquina Clutch.

BAYLEY & SASHA BANKS defeated NIA JAX & TAMINA [Retained WWE Women's Tag Team Championships]

The first defence of their newly-acquired titles saw Sasha and Bayley victorious, with the latter rolling-up Nia Jax for the victory, but it was the post-match actions that got people talking.

Not being able to stand the beat-down of Banks and Bayley any longer after the bout, Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix went face-to-face with Tamina after being in the commentary booth.

Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix confronted Tamina and Nia Jax before being attacked by the pair

It ended up being a bad move though as she was brutalised by the pair, and even her former tag team partner Natalya couldn't save her.

DANIEL BRYAN defeated KEVIN OWENS and MUSTAFA ALI [Retained WWE Championship]

When Vince McMahon stated that Daniel Bryan would defend his title in a Triple Threat match earlier in the night, he didn't mean that Kofi Kingston would be involved.

Instead, Mustafa Ali was placed into the match after being forced to miss being involved in the Elimination Chamber match, and was subsequently booed for not being Kofi.

He ended up winning the crowd over by his wrestling alone, but he was the one to take the pinfall after being hit by a brutal flying knee from Bryan.


With the stipulation that Lynch would be added to the Raw Women's Championship three-way if she was able to pick up a victory against Flair, there was always going to be shenanigans considering the Lasskicker had an 'injured knee'.

And we got exactly that - with Lynch locked in Flair's Figure Eight Leg Lock, Ronda Rousey came storming into the ring from the back and landed one punch on Lynch.

That caused a disqualification finish and with a smug-looking Rousey standing in the corner of the ring, Becky was officially added to the 'Mania match, the one she should've been in all along.

AJ Styles gets one over on Randy Orton

With Elias coming out for the third time in the evening to insult the Cleveland crowd, he crowed about how he hadn't been interrupted all evening.

That alerted Lacey Evans who came down with her usual non-talking catwalk appearance, but with Elias flabbergasted inside the ring, Randy Orton randomly struck 'out of nowhere' with an RKO.

AJ Styles gave Randy Orton a Phenomenal Forearm after weeks of verbal taunts

And speaking of 'out of nowhere', AJ Styles unleashed a Phenomenal Forearm just seconds later on the man who has been taking cheap verbal shots at him for weeks - a WrestleMania match between the two looks likely to happen.


In a match billed as the 'last time ever' by WWE for The Shield with Dean Ambrose leaving the company in April, it didn't disappoint in terms of what we're used to seeing when it comes to the faction's matches.

Roman Reigns didn't look like he'd missed a beat inside that ring, Ambrose was being his usual lunatic self and Seth Rollins was flying all over the place, and it was a patented Triple Powerbomb that put Baron Corbin away.

With all three men seemingly going their separate ways as the weeks tick down until WrestleMania, it very may well be the last time we see the three together in WWE for a long time and they shared an emotional embrace as the show went off the air.

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