No Holds Barred match between Batista and Triple H is set for WrestleMania 35

Triple H and Batista will face-off once again at WrestleMania

If WWE fans cast their minds back to SmackDown's historic 1000th episode in October 2018, they will remember the seeds being planted for a match between Batista and Triple H at WrestleMania 35.

Nothing was seemingly going to come of it though, as HHH subsequently suffered a torn pectoral muscle that would require immediate surgery putting him out of action 'indefinitely'.

But when WWE heavily advertised Ric Flair's 70th birthday celebrations for two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw in Atlanta, the general consensus was that Evolution was going to be re-united again, which would include another showing for Batista.

With the show running close to the end time though and no actual celebrations having taken place, shenanigans were about to ensue as The Animal was seen backstage on camera dragging Flair out of his dressing room.

This was done to 'get Triple H's attention' and a 'face-to-face' was scheduled for this week so that Batista could get whatever he needed to off his chest.

But to accelerate his heel heat, Batista stood on the stage behind a wall of security guards with 'The Game' stood by himself in the ring, before Batista repeatedly told Triple H to 'give him what he wants' or else he would hurt the ones that HHH loves.

What he wanted is a match at 'Mania and Triple H indeed gave it to him, but it won't be just an ordinary one-on-one, as the two will clash in a No Holds Barred contest.

Standing behind a wall of security guards, Batista goads Triple H into giving him a match at WrestleMania

With Triple H being 49 now and Batista hitting the age of 50, there's no way they could go for a prolonged period of time in the ring without there being a special stipulation.

It will also be interesting to see how Triple H's body holds up having only undergone surgery on his damaged pectoral four months ago.

An interesting caveat to the segment was that Batista stated he wanted to 'end the career' of Triple H, but with Kurt Angle announcing his final match will be on the same card, it's unlikely that WWE will go through with two retirements in one night.

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