Big-name WWE officials have pitched to let females compete at Saudi Arabia shows in the future

Several big-name WWE officials are reportedly trying to get a women's match on the upcoming WWE Saudi Arabia show

WWE will be returning to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a few months time as they continue to work on their partnership with the Middle Eastern country.

The Wrestling Observer have reported that the next two shows scheduled are for Friday, May 3 and November 1, specific locations have not been announced yet.

The company signed a major 10-year deal with the Saudi Sports Authority reportedly worth around $45 million per year to WWE, which shows you why Vince McMahon is always so keen to go back there.

That kind of money has tempted Shawn Michaels out of retirement and was reportedly the reason as to why Brock Lesnar held on to the Universal Championship at WrestleMania last year, just a few weeks before the inaugural Saudi event - Greatest Royal Rumble.

The second event held in the Kingdom was Crown Jewel but that was marred by huge controversies surrounding an American-based Saudi journalist named Jamal Khashoggi.

Businesses began to pull out of dealing with Saudi Arabia due to the alleged murder of Khashoggi, which led to much criticism for Vince McMahon and WWE for not taking a stand, and Crown Jewel remained on the schedule for November 2018.

On both Saudi events no women were scheduled to compete in matches, and the facts surrounding women's rights in the country are no secret to anyone.

Vince McMahon pictured with Turki Al Sheikh

In-fact there was much speculation that WWE's first-ever all-women's pay-per-view, Evolution, which happened just days before Crown Jewel, was created specifically because the Saudi's did not want women wrestling on their show.

Things could be about to change though.

Per an exclusive report from Fightful, 'big-name officials' within WWE are pushing to get at least one all-women's match on the card for the upcoming Saudi event.

Whilst the match may not happen, if they're able to convince the Sports Authority to allow females to perform it will be a major step in the right direction, and as Fightful noted it will help their public relations massively after the backlash they got for not pulling their business with the country in 2018.

Big-name WWE officials pitching for women to compete in Saudi Arabia could mean big money opportunities for Becky Lynch and others

The Sports Authority apologised back in April for showing an advert involving female WWE stars wearing 'indecent clothing' live at Greatest Royal Rumble.

But considering there was audible cheers at Crown Jewel when Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey's planned Survivor Series match advert was shown on the screen, there may be a demand from the fans over there to see the females compete.

The May event may come too soon for the authorities to let the females compete, but WWE pushing the thought of it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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