Conor McGregor fan tells his side of the story after having phone 'smashed and stolen' by UFC star

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor got himself in trouble with the law again on Monday morning when he was arrested in Miami, Florida.

In the early hours, 5:20am to be precise, the 'Notorious' was alleged to have been involved in an incident outside the Fontainebleau Hotel, and was charged with 'strong-armed robbery and misdemeanour criminal mischief'.

The police report stated: "The victim attempted to take a picture of the defendant with his cell phone. The defendant slapped the victim's phone out of his hand, causing it to fall to the floor.

"The defendant then stomped on the victim's phone several times, damaging it. The defendant then picked up the victim's phone and walked away with it, depriving him of it. The defendant was located and arrested."

Ahmed Abdirzak has since been named as the person whose phone McGregor allegedly smashed and stole - he is a 22-year old Brit who is apparently a fan of the Irishman.

Speaking to TMZ about the incident, Abdirzak said: “He came to shake my hand, and as soon as he came to shake my hand, he pulled me in and grabbed my phone and started smashing it.

“All these security guards literally surrounded me and pushed me out of the way. And he’s stomping on it.

“He was a lot rude. He was like, ‘Get the f*** out of my face. Move.’ And I was like, ‘Yo, sir can I have my phone back?’ And [security guards said], ‘Move, man. Conor said what Conor said.'”

Ahmed Abdirzik has told TMZ his version of events after Conor McGregor was arrested

Abdirzak then accused McGregor of stealing the phone and jumped into a vehicle, with the Brit worried that he will never see the contents of his phone again which he stated contained pictures of his son.

Furthermore Abdirzak's father, Mahamad, has also weighed-in on proceedings in an interview with the Daily Mail, and stated that he prefers his UFC 229 conquerer Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“What McGregor did is exactly in his character,” said Mahamad.

“He’s an angry man. I’m not a fan of his at all. I prefer Khabib. He’s the fighter I like to watch, not McGregor.”

McGregor later posted bond and will re-appear in court on April 10

McGregor will return to court on April 10, around the same time his six-month suspension from the UFC expires, and whether or not this latest setback will affect his future fight plans remain to be seen.

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