Eric Dier calls for People’s Vote on Twitter after MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit

  • Rob Swan

Whether you voted Remain or Leave in the 2016 EU referendum, it’s hard not to feel that Parliament have made a complete hash of the process over the past two years.

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to make a third attempt to get her EU withdrawal deal through Parliament in the next week, having already been defeated twice.

MPs voted on Wednesday to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances, although this is not legally binding.

It’s likely at this point that Brexit will be delayed beyond March 29. The UK government have said there would be a short delay until June 30 if MPs approve Mrs May’s deal by March 20 – the day before the next EU summit in Brussels – although the chances of that happening appear to be slim.

Following the recent debacle, many have called for the British public to be given another chance to have their say on matters with a so-called People’s Vote.

Most footballers don’t like to get too involved in political matters, acutely aware that it will lead to a backlash.

Unfortunately, it’s just easier to keep your head down and that front and not say anything.

But Tottenham’s Eric Dier bucked the trend on Thursday morning, simply tweeting: “#PeoplesVote”.

As you can probably imagine, Dier’s tweet has sparked a huge reaction and has, unsurprisingly, split people down the middle.

Some people – including Match of the Day host Gary Lineker – have sided with Dier and praised him for having the guts to share his opinion.

But people who disagree that a People’s Vote should happen have, of course, been telling him in no uncertain terms to stick to football.

As journalist Rory Smith tweeted: “Wonder how long it took for Eric Dier to have one look at his mentions and regret getting involved.”

Despite some of the more angry replies, Dier has kept his tweet up.

Many other footballers would have deleted it by now.

So fair play to Dier for sticking by his guns, whether you agree or not.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions – including those fortunate enough to play professional football for a living.

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