Fernando Alonso focused on own race and will not watch Formula 1 season opener

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Former Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso admits he has no interest in the first F1 race of the season this weekend as he focuses on "bigger goals than F1". 

The Spaniard exited the sport at the end of last year following a highly successful 17-year career. 

Despite a dominant spell in the Formula, his last three years were spent struggling at the back of the field in an underperforming McClaren and after 2018 he finally decided to call it a day.

The double world champion will act as an ambassador to the team however as he races in other motorsports for Honda around the world. 

In an eye-opening interview with Diario Sport, Alonso admitted that he wouldn't even be viewing the race as he shifts his focus to pastures new.

“I will not watch the race, I don’t know if it will be interesting and in any case, I don’t care so much," per Planet F1.

“Logically yes, of course, like any fan I have normal curiosity to see how it goes and discover what is the real order of the teams.

“But the centre of the racing world for me this weekend is Sebring, where there will be more than 200,000 fans. I am definitely where I want to be.”


Alonso listed a category of issues he believes are plaguing Formula 1 right now, and cited them as a big reason why he wanted to focus on “bigger goals that F1”.

“I don’t race there because I have much bigger challenges than F1 can offer me today,” he explained.

“They have problems with the promoters of the races, with the television rights, with the teams.

“Right now in my career I have much bigger goals than F1.”

Alonso will be racing this weekend for Toyota in his first ever 12-hour race as he attempts to find out what will be replacing the sport he has been so successful at since 2001. 

Safe to say that fans of F1 will be happy to wish Fernando good luck this weekend.

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