Marcelo Bielsa's Sky Sports interview cut short after Leeds 0-1 Sheffield United

Bristol City v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship

Marcelo Bielsa is revered by the world’s top coaches - including Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino - but, by his own admission, hasn’t actually won much during his managerial career.

The 63-year-old won a few titles with Newell’s Old Boys and Velez Sarsfield in the 1990s and then went on to win a Gold Medal with Argentina at the 2004 Olympic Games, but that’s about it in terms of honours.

Bielsa came close to winning a trophy with Athletic Bilbao a few years ago - finishing as a runner-up in both the UEFA Europa League and the Copa del Rey - but he’s still waiting for a standout moment with a club in Europe.

The cliché about Bielsa’s teams is that they start well and finish badly because he works them so hard.

And it looks as if the same thing is happening at Leeds United.

Bielsa’s team led the Championship around December after a superb start to the 2018-19 campaign, but their form has been patchy at best since the turn of the New Year.

Leeds, who are hoping to return to the Premier League for the first time since 2004, have only managed to win seven of their previous 14 matches.

On Saturday, Bielsa’s men slumped to a 1-0 defeat at home to Sheffield United, who climbed above them into second place - behind Norwich City - in the Championship table.

Reading v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship

With just eight games left to play this season, Leeds now find themselves outside of the automatic promotion places. It would be a crushing blow for everybody associated for the club if they fail to go up this time around.

Following Leeds’ latest defeat, things got a bit awkward in Bielsa’s post-match interview with Sky Sports.

The Argentine coach was left annoyed when reporter Jonathan Oakes asked the question: ‘If you deserved to win today, why weren't you able to make that breakthrough?’

Bielsa fired back: ‘Do you think that we deserved to win?’

This then led to an awkward situation where neither man would answer the others’ question.

Oakes cut short the interview, telling Bielsa: “We’ll leave it there” while the Leeds’ boss was starring him down.

Watch the video here…


Here’s the full transcript of the interview…

Oakes: ‘Marcelo, how do you reflect on defeat in such a big game today?’

Bielsa: ‘It was a very important game. I don't want to underestimate what the opponent got but if we analyse the result it is what it is. And if we analyse the production and who deserves what the analysis is clearly different.’


Oakes: ‘Pontus Jansson was clearly struggling towards the end, how bad is that knee injury?’

Bielsa: ‘I don't know yet.’

Oakes: ‘How you got any complaints about the sending off of your goalkeeper?’

Bielsa: ‘I never make an opinion of the referee. I will check the analysis myself.’

Oakes: ‘If you deserved to win today, why weren't you able to make that breakthrough?’

Bielsa: ‘Do you think that we deserved to win?’


Oakes: ‘I am asking you the question.’

Bielsa: ‘I am asking you too.’

Oakes: ‘I am entirely impartial. You said that you deserved to wins so why weren't you able to find a goal.’

Bielsa: ‘I didn't say we deserved to win. I would like to know what you think to my response.’

Oakes: ‘We'll move it onto the promotion race. Where do you think this leaves the promotion race with you third in the table?’

Bielsa: ‘Are you not answering my question?’


Oakes: ‘We'll leave it there - thank you Marcelo.’

Bielsa: ‘Are you interrupting the interview?’

Oakes: ‘We are a bit short of time so i didn't have time to ask anymore questions.’

Bielsa: ‘It's not true that we didn't have more time.’

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