UEFA will be considering major Champions League changes during a 'secret meeting' this week


The UEFA Champions League was absolutely stacked full of incredible football over the last fortnight.

Stunning comebacks, late winners and massive upsets were all the order of the day as Europe’s elite battled it out for a spot in the last eight.

There can be no disputing that the Champions League is the promised land for professional footballers, all of whom make no secret of their desire to play in the competition.

However, for years now there have been murmurings that the powers that be at Europe’s top clubs have been looking at revamping and refreshing the competition.

Now, it looks like such a move really could be on the cards after a report emerged in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

The report claims that Europe’s top clubs are set to have a secret meeting with UEFA on Tuesday in Switzerland, in what would be the first formal discussion to take place over a change in format.

While any changes are unlikely to be implemented anytime before 2024, the people at the Journal are expecting some rather dramatic altercations to be on the agenda.

One of the biggest points to be talked through is the possibility of a European relegation and promotion system that would replace the current qualification system.


This new closed qualifying process is said to heavily favour the bigger clubs and make it harder for the smaller teams to qualify for the competition.

But perhaps the most controversial proposal to be discussed is to move games from their midweek slots to the weekend, subverting the primacy of each individual country’s league.

It seems that the muted threats of a potential breakaway “Super League” have finally forced UEFA to the table with the European Club Association (ECA), who are said to represent 232 clubs.


The ECA have long been calling for a revamp to European competition in a bid to protect the bigger clubs and guarantee a higher chance of qualification.

For the most part, though, UEFA have been able to resist the call but after Football Leaks published behind the scenes talks between the continent’s top clubs with regards to a breakaway, it seems they have been left with no choice.

Football fans might not take too kindly to the proposed changes but with the talks very much in their infancy, there is still a long way to go before any changes may take place.

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