Conor McGregor will receive offer to face Paulie Malignaggi in a bare-knuckle fight

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Conor McGregor never seems to stay out of the spotlight for too long, and it seems that he may be about to enter the fray again sooner rather than later, courtesy of Paulie Malignaggi.

Having become a household name in MMA, McGregor spectacularly agreed to meet Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring in 2017 in the second most viewed pay-per-view match in history.

Although he unsurprisingly lost to Mayweather, who preserved his unbeaten record, McGregor did win over many viewers with his performance. And his decision to try his hand at another sport seems to have inspired fellow athletes.

According to talkSPORT's Boxing Editor Michael Benson, former American boxer Paulie Malignaggi is lining up a bare-knuckle boxing fight against McGregor.

Taking to Twitter, Benson told his followers: "Told by Paulie Malignaggi that the BKFC are preparing a mega money offer to Conor McGregor for a bare-knuckle boxing match with him.

"He insists they have more money than people think and also confirmed it’s possible he could make his June debut against Artem Lobov."

The news comes just a couple of weeks after the former two-weight boxing world champion announced a shock deal with the BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) and will be returning to combat sports in June.

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Before possibly taking on McGregor, it seems that Malignaggi will take on Artem Lobov.

“It was just sort of a surprise thing,” Malignaggi told talkSPORT. “I met the president of the BKFC, Dave Feldman, and he was very cool, a straight-shooter.

“From there on it sort of developed. I had no intention of fighting, I was happily retired, I was fine.

“Obviously the money had something to do with it, but I liked the vision and I like what he’s got in mind.”

Malignaggi then took to social media to call out his long-term rival McGregor.

The former boxer's feud with the MMA star stems from a leaked sparring video from 2017.

When asked if he saw a potential fight between them as a realistic possibility, Malignaggi replied: “I will tell you this, Feldman and BKFC have more money than people think and there will be an offer for Conor McGregor.

“The money he’s gonna be offered for the fight will show what a fraud he is or, like he has always done, put a price tag on him becoming a piñata for you."

“If you pay him enough money, he will become your personal piñata and he’s shown that already.

“The money he’s going to be offered is going to be a good amount of money. I think it will come out soon, it was gonna come out already, but he got arrested.

“The money he’s gonna be offered will show if he’s a fraud, because to turn that down shows you really are a fraud. But if he takes it then he’ll obviously become my personal piñata.

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“He already was in the gym, but this time when I’m in shape he’ll really be a piñata.

“When I’m in shape enough to follow up on all the assaults I am giving you, you’re gonna really be my piñata. We’ll see what his decision is.”

Time will tell as to how McGregor will respond, but we all know that he loves a payday and a challenge.

Combine that with the fact that he has a running feud with Malignaggi and the fight could well be on the cards. The clash might not be as big as the Mayweather fight, but it will still definitely be one to savour.

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