Ryan Giggs responds after Zlatan Ibrahimovic calls out Class of '92 for Man Utd criticism

Ryan Giggs has responded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic's criticism

Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn't shy when speaking to the media, that's for sure.

The Swedish footballer is known for speaking his mind and he has shown he is not afraid to cause some controversy.

He was at it again yesterday as he called out Manchester United's Class of '92.

Ibrahimovic was unhappy that they have criticised the club while appearing as pundits on TV.

“They are not there anymore," he told the Mirror. "They are on TV and complaining all the time because they are not active in the club.

“If you want to work in the club, go and search for work in the club.

“So you cannot be on TV and always complaining and criticising. Yeah, ok, you’ve had your time, we know it.”

Ibrahimovic then expressed his unhappiness that they had criticised Paul Pogba.

“With Pogba, he was with United when he was young, then he went out and he came back," he continued.

“And in the circle of Ferguson, they don’t like that because they stayed all their life under Ferguson and they never moved from Ferguson.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was unhappy with the Class of '92 for criticising Pogba

“And they didn’t even talk if Ferguson didn’t tell them to open their mouth.

“So now if they are talking, I don’t know whether Ferguson gave them permission or not.”

That was never going to go down with The Class of '92.

Ryan Giggs has been the first to respond, sarcastically saying that Ibrahimovic knows more about the club then them.

Ryan Giggs was not happy with Ibrahimovic's criticism

"Only Nicky [Butt] is connected with the club now, but when you play over 2000 games [3,450 in total] between us, we are going to have an opinion," Giggs said, per ESPN.

"Sometimes it's positive, sometimes negative, but it doesn't have an effect on results. We are supporters. That's what football is about, having different opinions.

"But he [Ibrahimovic] obviously knows more about the club than us."

That's definitely not the last we have heard of this.

The likes of Gary Neville and Paul Scholes may also choose to fire back at Ibrahimovic in the coming days.

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