Conor McGregor eyes UFC rematches vs Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz

UFC 202 - Weigh-in

Conor McGregor is expected to fight again for UFC once his suspension for his involvement in the brawl following his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 is over next month.

The former UFC Lightweight Champion's suspension will expire April 6, and there are already talks about who he could fight next inside the Octagon.

Donald Cerrone is the current favourite to get the nod to fight Notorious. However, those talks have been halted because UFC wanted him to fight in a co-main event slot.

During a recent Q&A session with fans last weekend in Chicago during their St Patrick's Day celebrations, McGregor expressed who he would like to face in the Octagon, naming longtime rivals Khabib and Nate Diaz.

While showing respect to the Russian, Conor stated that he must have another opportunity against the UFC Lightweight Champion because of the brawl that happened after their first meeting last year.

He feels things aren't settled between the two of them, and he also explained one of the reasons why he lost the first fight was because he didn't show Khabib any respect.

McGregor said, via BJ Penn: “He’s a formidable opponent, wrestled bears since he was a kid. He’s put a lot of time in his standup work and it was a lot sharper than I anticipated it was going to be. I’ve got to respect that, it was his big moment.

"It’s easy to do this once, it’s very easy for someone to be given something and to do it just one time. It’s like you put your absolute all into it.

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Press Conference

“If you do it time after time and year after year, that’s when the motivation kind of dips, that’s when the dedication kind of lacks, and that’s when people creep up. 

"That’s what I feel has happened here, I didn’t give him his respect, I marched forward, I didn’t give a s**t, I got caught with that overhand. If I switched on, I would not get caught with that overhand in any form of combat. I’m very confident, very eager, very in shape, let’s keep it going.

“Imagine almost dropping someone cause he almost got me, but he didn’t drop me. I got to my feet, threw shots, threw a knee, and he shot for a takedown. Imagine almost dropping someone with a picture-perfect shot, a picture-perfect punch, and then shooting for the legs. You almost got the fight done and you shoot for the legs, stand up and fight.

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor

“When there’s dispute, there must be a rematch. There was dispute in my last one, I slapped his brother and his cousin on top of the cage, he [Nurmagomedov] tried to jump out and run. This is not over, so there’s dispute, there has to be a rematch.”

The Irishman also added that he would like to complete the trilogy against Nate Diaz, saying that he owes it to him following their first two meetings.

McGregor said, via TMZ Sports: "He fought me, he beat me. He gave me a rematch at the exact same weight, there was no hesitation, that's a true fighter right there.

"I have nothing but respect ... I owe him the trilogy now and the trilogy will happen."

It will be interesting to see which direction UFC decides to go in for Notorious. Cerrone? Khabib? Diaz? We should know more once his suspension is over next month.

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