Eddie Hearn reacts to Deontay Wilder turning down $100m deal

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Eddie Hearn has claimed Deontay Wilder has been 'brainwashed' into turning down the $100 million deal he was offered by American streaming service DAZN.

After it was confirmed yesterday that Wilder will be sticking with Showtime to broadcast his fights in the States, the Matchroom boss believes that it is not Wilder’s choice who he fights and questioned his management’s handling.

It is believed that the WBC heavyweight holder was offered a $100m deal - which involved two fights against Anthony Joshua - but it was not accepted.

Wilder fought fellow Brit, Tyson Fury, back in December to a draw and despite being ordered to agree a rematch, Fury insisted on having another fight first and talks came to an abrupt end.

Joshua had Wembley booked for his next fight but after failing to land his preferred opponents, has decided to go to fight in America for the first time when he takes on Jarrell Miller at Madison Square Gardens.

But Hearn has expressed his doubts on just how much Wilder was influenced into his decision.

“It’s disappointing it baffles me, it completely baffles me but the main thing is, the only pleasing thing to come out of this is that people are now seeing the truth,” Hearn told iFL TV.

“He never wanted the fight all along, the sad thing is that it isn’t even Deontay, he’s getting told what to, being brainwashed into what to do.

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“The hatred is so deep, people are losing sight as to what their jobs is, my job is to get the best for my client, I won’t let any personal relationships get in the way of that, because to be honest with you, I don’t give a f**k.

“I don’t lose one second of sleep over Shirley Winkle and Al Haymon, they don’t matter to me, what matters to me is Anthony Joshua becoming the undisputed world champion."

"This decision was not made by Deontay Wilder, this decision was made by people who told him to make this decision, but this was made to protect people."

He also feels Bronze Bomber was contradicting himself, claiming he wants to fight the best but has announced that he will be fighting Dominic Breazeale, someone who Joshua beat in 2016.

The potential match up of Joshua and Wilder would lead to a first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis.

Commenting on rumours that a Wilder win could end his empire Hearn called out the Bronze Bomber yet again, “If Wilder knocking out Anthony Joshua ends the empire, end the f***ing empire, do it, end me, end me, end Eddie Hearn. Don’t just talk about it, do it.”

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