Backstage reports indicate that The Undertaker will compete at WWE's next Saudi Arabia show in May

The Undertaker is set to return to action on May 3 in Saudi Arabia

WrestleMania 35 is almost two weeks away now, but you may have to look further ahead in the WWE calendar to the companies most important show of the year.

WrestleMania is no longer the money-spinner in terms of big shows for WWE - of course it is the most high-profile but it doesn't guarantee money up-front like the Saudi Arabia shows do.

The 10-year deal, which includes two events a year, makes the company around $45 million a year, which explains why huge happenings such as Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement have been saved for the shows.

The date of WWE's next venture to the Middle East will be May 3, just over a year after they held the Greatest Royal Rumble, where the first-ever 50-man Royal Rumble match happened.

There has been a gimmick for both events so far, the second one at Crown Jewel was the WWE World Cup, which was not-so-much a World Cup but just a tournament to declare who was the 'Best In The World', and at least that has led to a good storyline between The Miz and Shane McMahon.

A legend that has appeared at both supershows so far is The Undertaker, with the Crown Prince of the Kingdom reportedly keen to see several specific legends at his shows and The Deadman was one of those he personally requested.

At Greatest Royal Rumble, Taker defeated Rusev in a Casket Match, but was on the losing end at Crown Jewel with Kane in a tag team match against D-Generation X.

Taker has not been seen or spoken of since, which is unusual considering we are getting closer and closer towards WrestleMania, with some rumours suggesting he was quietly retiring from in-ring competition.

The Undertaker hasn't been seen in WWE since Crown Jewel in November and may not even be at WrestleMania

And unless he makes a surprise appearance on April 7 it looks as though it will be the first 'Mania since 2000 where Undertaker does not compete.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter though, his next appearance may not be too far away.

Per WrestlingInc, the Observer has stated that Taker will be in action at the next Saudi show, and considering they give big paydays, it's not too surprising that The Deadman will be in action.

In a recent interview with Pastor Ed Young, Taker hinted at undergoing a 'smarter schedule' in 2019 with WWE, with the long trip to Melbourne, Australia for Super Show-Down back in October not appealing to him.

Whilst Saudi Arabia is still a long-haul journey, it's not as far to travel as Australia is from the States, so with a healthy pay-packet in tow, it looks like we will see Taker in the Middle East in May.

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