Big E directs 'People Like Us' Twitter promo at Vince McMahon suggesting reason for Kofi Kingston being held back

Big E

With WrestleMania less than three weeks away, the match card still has a lot of work to be done, none more-so than the WWE Championship match.

Ever since replacing Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber match last month, Kofi Kingston has had all the momentum in the world behind him.

Despite being last eliminated by WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, the support for the former Tag Team, Intercontinental and United States Champion grew with every passing show.

The running storyline though currently is that Vince McMahon believes Kingston to only be a 'B-plus player', basically a re-hash of the Daniel Bryan storyline in 2013 and 2014 that proved popular.

McMahon was to screw Kofi yet again this week on SmackDown after he overcame five superstars in a Gauntlet Match, to which he assumed he would then get a shot at Bryan's WWE title at WrestleMania.

Vince had another ace up his sleeve though, as he announced Kofi would have to defeat Bryan on the spot to earn that opportunity, something that he couldn't do.

WWE released post-SmackDown footage of The New Day all discussing their future with the company, but Kingston vowed not to give up.

The New Day spoke post-SmackDown about potentially quitting WWE

To further the storyline, one-third of the trio, Big E, took to social media to address the fans and Vince McMahon, and he seemed to claim that the reason Kofi was being held back was because of his skin colour.

In his reflection, Big E stated that 'people like us - historically and moving forward clearly, can only get so far', and reiterated what he had stated in his post-SmackDown thoughts by saying he wasn't sure if it was worth the hassle of being a WWE superstar to not be able to get to the top.

Interestingly he was backed-up on Twitter earlier today by fellow SmackDown star Naomi, who simply tweeted the word 'Facts' in response to Big E's monologue.

With this storyline WWE are doing a very good job of blurring the lines between what is scripted and what is real, pretty much like what Ronda Rousey is doing in her current guise on Raw and in her vlogs.

If fans are worried about New Day quitting though - don't be alarmed as backstage sources still think that Kingston will be in the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania, which you assume will be confirmed either this week or next week.

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