The terms of Adam Johnson's early release from prison

Sunderland Footballer Found Guilty Of Sexual Activity With A Child

Adam Johnson was released from prison on Friday morning exactly half way through his six-year sentence for child sex offences.

The former Manchester City and Sunderland winger, 31, was picked up from HMP Moorland at midnight by his father in a blacked-out Mercedes people carrier.

Back in 2016, Johnson was sentenced to six years in prison for engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old fan. He admitted to kissing her but denied more serious claims.

His release has sparked questions of whether he will return to football, but the Daily Mail claim he will struggle to find a new club after contacting numerous League One and League Two sides.

None of them said they would consider speaking to Johnson, with one chief executive saying he can't see any club offering him a way back due to the nature of his conviction.

If the Englishman does secure a return to football, the Daily Mail add that he won't have to wear an electronic tag.

The terms of Johnson's early release from prison have emerged and they range from not being allowed to spend alone time with his daughter to only taking up work if his supervisor approves it.

Sunderland Footballer On Trial Accused Of Child Sex Crimes
  • Johnson remains on licence and will no longer be permitted to spend time alone with his daughter
  • He has not been issued with a criminal tag but will be subject to strict licence conditions
  • He must keep in touch with a supervisor and live permanently at his address
  • He will only be allowed to take up work if his supervisor approves it
  • Police will examine any overseas travel plans before he is allowed to leave the UK
  • Johnson will have more stringent conditions under the terms of the sex offenders' register, which he will sign for at least 15 years
  • He will have to hand over his bank card in order to prevent him accessing paid-for porn sites.

It's also been noted that Johnson will not be allowed to play football in China due to the country's strict visa requirements.

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