Ryan Giggs: Sir Alex Ferguson picked on me and David Beckham at Man Utd

Ryan Giggs, David Beckham

Many stories have been told down the years about Sir Alex Ferguson's approach to man management at Manchester United.

The 77-year-old became renowned for his 'hairdryer' treatment in the dressing room, whereby he used to single out players during or after games and rip them to pieces.

One of the most famous incidents involved David Beckham in 2003 following a defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup.

Fergie was so angry with Beckham's lack of work rate that he kicked a boot in the Englishman's direction and hit his eye, which caused a gash that needed stitching.

At the time Beckham wasn't very happy and he ended up leaving United for Real Madrid that summer. He's since seen the funny side of it.

"We had a few wobbles over the 13 years," said Beckham of his relationship with Sir Alex in 2018, per Goal.

"The time when I really found out how great he was came after a game against Arsenal where I think I'd made a couple of mistakes.

"He came into the dressing room, we had a few words, he started to walk towards me and he kicked a pile of clothes on the floor. Out came this boot and hit me."

Manchester United's manager Sir Alex Ferguson (L)

Ferguson apparently used to pick on certain players and now Ryan Giggs has explained how him an Beckham regularly got in trouble because Sir Alex knew he would get a reaction.

"He regularly picked me and Becks out for a rollicking," Giggs told the Daily Mail. "I think it was because he knew we wouldn't sulk for long and he would get a reaction on the pitch.

"But he was making an example of us, definitely. We always got it more often than the rest. One pre-season in America he went for me in front of everyone. I was fuming and pulled him later.

"He said it was a ploy because he knew the younger players would know that if he could have a go at me then nobody was safe.

Manchester United's David Beckham (L) celebrates a

"At times I would moan to the lads about it but when I got on the pitch it probably made me play better. Sir Alex knew what he was doing with me and Becks, pressing our buttons.

"Was he wrong? Of course he wasn't."

That's another story for the collection. Ferguson kept the discipline in the dressing room by picking on United's best players and his supposed favourites, which clearly worked a charm.

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