UEFA have revealed 'Skillzy' as the official mascot for Euro 2020

UEFA have revealed the mascot for EURO 2020 in an unveiling before the Netherlands v Germany match.

The tournament already promises to be a unique one, with there not being an official host country for the first time.

Instead, 12 countries will split the games between them, culminating in the semi-finals and final at Wembley Stadium.

It’s to celebrate 60 years of the European Championships the plan is for a special tournament.

Qualifying officially kicked off this week, too, with every country having to qualify for the first time due to the lack of a host nation.

And with the kick off of qualification, the road to EURO 2020 is underway, meaning we need a mascot, of course.

Only you haven’t simply got one mascot this time – there’s a team of them.

UEFA have announced a team consisting of ‘Skillzy’, as well as Liv Cooke and Tobias Becs, who are two of the ‘world’s leading freestylers’.

You can check the team out below:

The trio are ‘inspired by freestyling, street and panna culture’, according to UEFA, and they even come with a challenge.

UEFA want fans to upload videos of themselves performing skills ‘that best represent you host city’.

The public will then select one girl and one boy from each city to become ‘local EURO 2020 freestylers’.

It’s certainly something different and it does suit the tournament in that respect. Do the public like them, however?

No. No, they don’t.

You can see the initial reaction below:


Maybe Skillzy will grow on them by the time the tournament starts next year. Then again, maybe he definitely won’t.

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