FIFA player August Rosenmeier is now offering a FIFA 19 course for £25


There's no doubt about it, FIFA can often be a very frustrating game.

The annual release of EA Sports often leads to its fair share of broken controllers, unbelievably fortuitous goals and angry claims of 'scripting' against them.

While there's no question that FIFA 19 can deliver its fair share of unfortunate moments, we all know somebody who simply needs more practice at the game and, well, just isn't very good.

It might seem as though there's no hope for these kind of players and that they'll continue to be hammered 5-0 on game modes like Ultimate Team, but that's not necessarily the case.

With the rise of competitive FIFA gaming, more and more players are turning professional and competing in tournaments such as the eWorld Cup and now ePremier League.

Lessons for FIFA 19?

As a result, certain players have taken it upon themselves to try and give back to the FIFA community, offering their wisdom to the everyday gamer in their bedroom.

'Reaperzz' was one of the first to offer these services, advertising on Twitter this month that he was now offering one-on-one tutorials for £17-an-hour.

However, since that first revelation, it seems the availability of FIFA lessons has escalated to a whole new scale and you can now apply for a full-blown course.

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New FIFA 19 course available

The service is being provided by company 'GamerzClass' and in association with two-time FIFA world champion August "Agge" Rosenmeier.

The same group have previously provided courses on games such as Fornite, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Go, but have now turned their attention to the latest FIFA instalment.

They released the course to the public on Tuesday and 500 players signed up within the opening 24 hours.

The introductory price is set at £25.00, providing 28 episodes and over three hours of on-demand video content designed to improve your skills at FIFA.

Filmed at the home of FC Copenhagen, there is also a supplementary workbook that players must fill out to complete the course and truly feel its benefits.

It's explained that the sessions focus on: game-play, mechanics (attacking, defence, skill moves), tactics (offensive, defensive, balanced) and situations (free kick, goal kick, corners).

Pretty in-depth stuff and there are few better tutors than Rosenmeier, who took home the biggest prize in competitive FIFA back in 2014. 

The Dane won a cash prize of $20,000, had the opportunity to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel and now continues to play the game as his full-time job.

And he might be the person to improve your FIFA skills this year.

Would you ever pay to get better at FIFA? Have your say in the comments section below.

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