Team concedes straight after attempting the Balotelli selfie celebration


Mario Balotelli celebrated his goal against St Etienne last month by taking a selfie with his teammates and uploading it to Instagram, in the star's latest headline-grabbing move.

Balotelli and the rest of the Marseille side celebrated in creative fashion after a superb volley from the Italian broke the deadlock for the former French champions.

The former Liverpool and Manchester City striker added to his collection of original and exuberant celebrations after arranging to collect his phone from a cameraman behind the goal in a pre-planned move.

Of course, Balotelli was able to execute the celebration perfectly, the same can't be said for a recent attempt to recreate the new trend.

When Mohammed El Fakih scored a wondergoal for Moroccan side, Youssoufia Berrechid, he wouldn't have been expecting his goal to be cancelled out seconds later after his side's failed attempt to recreate Balotelli's on-field upload.

Mouloudia Oujda were the opponents who took advantage of El Fakih's social media distraction, which saw the referee allow the restart of play before he and his teammates had returned to their positions.

Not only did the celebration not upload to Instagram, the penalty won by Moulouda Oujda was slotted away, leaving Youssoufia Berrechid's players furious and most likely pretty embarrassed.

Fans of both Manchester sides will remember the iconic goal celebration pulled off by the 28-year-old during City's 6-1 victory over their biggest rivals at Old Trafford in 2011, shooting down newspaper reports with a "Why always me?" t-shirt readily prepared beneath his kit.

What fans may not know is Balotelli's on-field social media fun isn't the first instance of its kind. Back in 2015, Francesco Totti brought his phone onto the pitch to capture his sides joy against Lazio.

Back in goal scoring form, it looks like Balotelli may have many more opportunities this season to bring out some more creative celebrations.

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