Seven of Kurt Angle's best WWE matches


Kurt Angle will take part in his final ever WWE match at WrestleMania 35 this weekend, bringing an end to an illustrious career in the company.

While fans will debate over if he should be facing Baron Corbin in his final match at this year's Showcase of the Immortals, no one can deny that Angle is one of the best WWE superstars of all time and has the accolades to go along with it.

He is the tenth Triple Crown Champion and the fifth Grand Slam Champion in WWE history, having won the WWF/WWE Championship four times, the WCW Championship once, and the World Heavyweight Championship once.

The Olympic Hero has also been a European Champion, a Hardcore Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, and a King of the Ring winner throughout his career.

As well as many accolades, Angle has also had many memorable matches over the years. Here are five of the best matches he's ever had in the WWE.

Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – Summerslam 2001


In one of the very few highlights of the WCW Invasion angle, Kurt Angle faced off against Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship at SummerSlam in 2001.

The match was a very physical one, with plenty of near-falls and great moments, including Austin hitting several Stunners on Angle, only for Kurt to kick out.

The Olympic Hero ended up winning the match via disqualification allowing The Texas Rattlesnake to keep the WWF Title. However, Angle's performance in this clash was memorable as it proved he could hang with the best in the company.

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit – Royal Rumble 2003


Considered by many as one of WWE's best matches ever, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit came face to face in a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble in 2003.

The two demonstrated why they're two of the best technical wrestlers of all time in a fantastic technical match. 

The Olympic Hero was able to win after reversing the Crippler Crossface into an Angle Lock, forcing Benoit to tap out. Both men received a standing ovation from the crowd after the match for their fantastic performance.

Kurt Angle vs The Rock vs The Undertaker - Vengeance 2002


Many WWE fans view the triple threat between Kurt Angle, The Rock, and The Undertaker for the WWE Undisputed Championship at Vengence in 2002 as one of the best triple threat matches of all time.

In a very fast-paced and relatively short match, there was a lot of action for fans to keep their eyes on, as well as many entertaining spots from the three legends of the business.

It wasn't a super-technical match, but the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it, and it finished with The Great One pinning The Olympic Hero for the title.

Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker - No Way Out 2006


Kurt Angle faced The Undertaker again at No Way Out in 2006 with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line in a clash that had mesmerizing in-ring psychology.

The match showcased the best of The Olympic Hero and The Deadman, and it arguably should have taken place at WrestleMania with the added stakes of The Undertaker's 'Mania undefeated streak on the line to give it more intensity.

The Undertaker was the underdog for the vast majority of this match, and the finish was creative as Taker was locked in a triangle choke on Angle, only for Angle to roll up The Deadman to pick up the win and retain the title.

Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar - Iron Man Match - SmackDown 2003


One of the best Iron Man matches in WWE history saw Kurt Angle take on Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship during an episode of SmackDown in September 2003, the first ever Iron Match on WWE TV as well.

Angle and Lesnar had many clashes in the ring over the years. Lesnar won the first match at WrestleMania XIX to win the WWE title. At Summerslam, Angle was able to win the title back. This set up a rubber match on SmackDown.

The psychology in this match was on point, including a brilliant chair spot from The Beast that caused Angle to pick up a DQ win. However, the resulting damage to The Olympic Hero allowed Lesnar to take a two fall lead.

Brock was able to win the match five falls to four after he refused to tap out to the Angle Lock as time expired, winning the WWE title in the process as well.

Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon – King of the Ring 2001

Kurt Angle took on Shane McMahon in a Street Fight at King of the Ring in 2001 in a match that isn't remembered for its technical moments.

Angle had already faced Christian in a semi-finals match in the King of the Ring tournament, before losing to Edge in the finals after Shane interfered. As a result, Kurt had a third match that night vs Shane-O-Mac.

One of the craziest moments of the match was when Angle tried to belly-to-belly suplex Shane through a panel of glass, but it didn’t break, resulting in Shane landing hard on his neck.

He somehow didn’t break his neck and was able to successfully break the glass when The Olympic Hero threw him at it a second time. He would go on to win the match with an Angle Slam from the top rope.

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 21


In arguably Kurt Angle's best-ever WrestleMania match, he faced off against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21 in a singles match.

The match had several great moments and spots, including when Michaels hit Angle with a low blow, which was not seen by the referee, after he countered a suplex from The Olympic Hero.

Angle would eventually make Michaels tap out with the Angle Lock and win the match by submission. However, both men received a standing ovation from the WWE fans for their performance.

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