Dillian Whyte has defended Kash Ali over his David Price bite

Dillian Whyte has defended Kash Ali after the heavyweight boxer bit David Price during their fight last month.

Ali bit his opponent multiple times during their fight and the bout was eventually stopped in the fifth round after the two boxers fell to the canvas.

Whilst on the floor, Ali started to bite Price’s stomach, leaving the Liverpudlian bruised and marked.

The referee had no choice but to disqualify Ali, who later had his boxing licence suspended.

Despite the shocking act and unsportsmanlike behaviour, fellow boxer Whyte has sympathised with Ali, emphasising the pressure of being in the ring.

Whyte told Express Sport, per The Metro: “I can’t explain to you the pressure and the power that goes into heavyweight boxing.

‘When you’ve got a guy, 19st, 6ft 8in, punching you smack in the face, it makes you do crazy stuff sometimes.

“Kash Ali is a good boy, I think the occasion got to him, but these things happen. It’s not the first time a fighter has bitten someone.”

He then gave the examples of Mike Tyson and Dereck Chisora as fighters that have also bitten opponents before.

“Mike Tyson did, Dereck Chisora did. Everyone’s making a big deal about it. It’s not very sportsman-like but you can’t understand the pressure that goes into a heavyweight fighter’s mindset on the day.

“You can train, have 100 fights, but when the big occasion comes…I’ve had it before but managed to hold myself together.”

“Kash is a good guy, quiet guy, family man, peaceful man. But for him to act that way goes to show you the immense pressure.”

Ali is now pending a hearing that was announced by the British Boxing Board of Control. He was disqualified from the fight and had his purse, estimated to be in the region of £20,000, withheld.

A spokesman from the organisation told BBC Sport the imminent sanction will depend on “what Ali has to say.”

That punishment could range from a fine to a ban.

Ali left the M&S Bank Arena under a barrage of drinks thrown by spectators and later admitted that he had been “stupid”.

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